Album Review – Run the Jewels “S/T Album” (Hip Hop)

Run the Jewels “S/T Album” (Hip Hop) Despite both, El-P and Killer Mike releasing their respectively critically acclaimed and mind blowing albums last year, they show zero signs of slowing down. In fact, they’ve decided to seriously team up and call themselves, Run the Jewels. Emcee / producer, El-P throws down his gritty signature, in-your-face, nasty, bone chilling beats that make you want to throw a party at a junk yard. What makes his production exceptional is the fact that the music is so undoubtedly hip hop, yet takes on a new meaning by destroying it at the same time. It’s like a person that has turned into a zombie picking up another level of unrelenting attitude, with exponential power. The quick, upbeat vibe of the tracks call for a live setting, which makes sense because they are heading out on a full fledged North American tour in support of this release! These bangers are bound to pound sound systems all over the world. Both rappers shred through these dense beats effortlessly like piranhas on flesh. Complementing each other on every level, this hip hop tag team not only trades verses and hooks, but also call and respond in between without a hitch, or misstep in flow. Besides their partnership, Big Boi of Outkast makes a guest appearance on Banana Clippers reppin Atlanta with his quick, tongue twisting flows. With so much talent and ambition poured into one smoldering pot, Run the Jewels is a statement in taking the artform and progressively evolving it to new, and exciting heights. 4.5/5 Dragons

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– Review by Bag

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