The Danberrys Are Continuing to Explore Their New Southern Gothic Sound with “Shine”

Husband and wife Americana duo, The Danberrys, officially released their single “The Mountain” in February. The song quickly drew praise, with American Songwriter noting their musical shift to an “…outlaw country style with pivoting riffs and beats.” Now, The Danberrys slow it down and explore the weight of trauma in their latest single, and album title track, “Shine”, out now on all streaming platforms.

“Shine” lyrically delves into the process of healing from childhood trauma. The Danberrys carefully crafted the track to convey the mining for one’s innate divinity by mending the pain from the darkness. Reflecting on the creation of the single, Dorothy Daniel says, “‘Shine’ is about finding forgiveness when there has been no justice, no apology, no explanation – forgiveness for the sake of releasing yourself. It’s about journeying steadfastly towards the tiny seed of light within and setting it on fire. The lyrics reflect the hard-earned skill of existing in more than one place within yourself once, learning to accept and even embrace the dichotomy of darkness and light.”

Not only is “Shine” the title track off The Danberrys’ upcoming album, releasing May 8, 2020, but also the second official track release from the project. With 12 new tracks, “Shine” departs from their signature acoustic sound to capture elements of rock, blues, and folk. This new musical direction lets the pair venture into a darker atmosphere as well as allowing their self-written lyrics to stand tall. “Shine” will mark The Danberrys’ third full-length album.

Currently, The Danberrys are elated to release “Shine”. To continue exploring the meaning behind “Shine”, The Danberrys will be releasing a music video for the track. Directed by Scot Sax, and filmed on Dorothy Daniel’s family’s land in Charlotte, TN, the music video will depict the story of a child escaping and healing from a nightmare. Be sure to check out The Danberrys on social media and check out “Shine”, available on all streaming platforms.


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