Album Review – Beach House – ‘Depression Cherry’ (Pop/Alternative)

beach-house-depresssion-cherry-album1By Michael Smith
5/5 Dragons
Review from Vandala Magazine; October 2015 Issue
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High expectations precede the release of the latest from the Baltimore group Beach House. Since the release of their third album, 2010’s Teen Dream, the eyes and ears for this band have grown exponentially. On this album though, the band defies even the most immense of presuppositions. Still, containing the dreamy atmosphere you want from them, and unlike in past release where particular tracks or parts felt like a celestial form of filler, this entire album is a peaceful and romantic adventure through a cloudy night sky. The wind blowing through your hair, you close your eyes and let the songs take you through the night. Though the tracks on this album differ in that the sound is much bigger than any release in the past, there is so much more going on to create your empyrean journey. Listeners will instantly discover that singer Victoria Legrand’s throaty, Ronnie Spector-esque vocal styling has been softened and now resembles more the likes of Julee Cruise, which perfectly suits the theme of this album. The influence of My Bloody Valentine stands out more on this release than any of their previous ones, most clearly on the track “Spark”, which would fit flawlessly on MBV’s Loveless album as well as this one. Similar to their 2010 release, there are a pair of tracks on Depression Cherry (“Levitation”, “Space Songs”) that are masterfully created in such a way that listeners will want to replay them multiple times before letting the next track play. Beach House closes the album with a masterpiece that fuses all the themes, atmospheres, and feelings heard throughout the entire album, and leaves listeners taken with beauty and a bit misty-eyed with the emotion it can conjure. This album is a must-listen for all lovers of music, no matter the genre, and as we get closer to the end of 2015, I feel stronger touting this as the best album of the year. It will take quite an effort to create something the same level this band has this year, but there are still 3 months–we’ll see.


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