Album Review: Bing & Ruth “No Home Of The Mind” (Ambient/Classical/Other)

By Michael Smith – 5/5 Dragons
From March 2017 Vandala Magazine 

This release is an awe-inspiring example of how truly gorgeous ambient music can be. From start to finish, which would be the recommended way to listen to this album, No Home Of The Mind creates an introspective atmosphere that will clear the dense fog that engulfs many people’s psyche, arouse the serotonin in the brain, encourage the listener to look deep inside themselves, and (possibly) see clearly for the first time in years. It’s dusk, springtime. The sky is yellow, the horizon black. In the corner, the sun, a blinding white lens flair where earth and sky meet. The grass and trees are silhouettes. This moment is pure serenity, and this album leaves you feeling. For someone looking for this moment of clarity, or looking for the something to relax the soul, this album is a must.


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