Album Review: Donnie Menace “Bonded By Chaos” (Hip-Hop/Hardcore)

By Chad Thomas Carsten – 4/5 Dragons
From July/ August Vandala Magazine

If there were ever a moment in time when Las Vegas based rapper Donnie Menace should be blowing the f*ck up and become known by the hardcore hip-hop world globally, it better be now! “Bonded By Chaos” is a cutthroat collaboration masterpiece. Each track is hardcore hip-hop at its finest and Donnie’s brilliantly crafted harsh lyricism is bound to cut listeners musical soul wide open with their very own headphone cord wrapped around their necks, leaving them slumped over bleeding out like a Quentin Tarantino flick. Yes! The bars are that brutal, son! So be prepared before you bump this one in your whip!

Mr. Menace is comfortable here with his theatrical Donald Henry Gaskins flow and dark humor raps that sound as if they were written inside a casket buried six feet deep, but this release further proves Donnie Menace had grown lyrically as emcee and could very well destroy your own new age favorite rapper’s hip-hop influences on any beat! The Las Vegas champion’s wordplay will instantaneously leave your jaw hung open like someone came out the dark and sucker punched you randomly, leaving you speechless questioning yourself like, “Did he really just say that? Am I going to hell for listening to this guy?”

The greatest part is Donnie isn’t the only emcee bringing heat like the film Goodfellas. Every single artist featured murders every single beat found within Bonded By Chaos, as if the beats were somehow trapped inside Stephen King’s IT and the spider was capable of battle rapping. So do yourself a hip-hop favor and pick up Bonded By Chaos, fool! Strange Music’s Brotha Lynch Hung would be bumping this release for sure!


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