Album Review – Beach House – ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ (Pop/Alternative)

Beach-House--Thank-Your-Lucky-StarsArticle By By Michael Smith 
4/5 Dragons
From Decembers 2015 Vandala Magazine 

Some may be confused to see a review for Beach House, thinking you just read one about two months ago. Well, instead of just settling with releasing one of the best albums of 2015, Depression Cherry, the duo thought their fans deserved more and released another album. Thank Your Lucky Stars, is a graceful crisp breeze, kissing your face and elegantly combing through your hair. TYLS is a perfect complement to the band’s other 2015 release, as the sound is not as big or epic. The overall mood and theme of this release is not as anxious, and produces a more optimistic and hopeful. Saying that, this is still a Beach House album; there is still sorrow interspersed thought all nine tracks — it is just a beautiful kind of sorrow. The influence of Julee Cruise/David Lynch/Angelo Badalamenti is very prevalent on this album, as it was on the previous, as many track sound as if they would seamlessly fit on the soundtrack to any episode of Twin Peaks. Beyond being a perfect soundtrack for your most romantic of dreams, the album escorts you to a world in slow motion where you amorously lock eyes with the one you love.


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