Album Review: Sacrificial System “D.N.A.” (Industrial/Electronic)

sacrificial-system-d-nBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 4/5 Dragons
From Jan/Feb 2017 Vandala Magazine 

For those who’ve said the industrial music scene died in the 1990’s seriously need to wake up and accept the fact great quality industrial music is still thriving and exists in the deep hellish underground away from the mainstream smothered in darkness, exactly where it belongs and exactly where Sacrificial System spawned from. D.N.A. is the Industrial record that desperately needed to be released to shake the foundation of the early days of Industrial to its very core, while staying true and original with its unique gut wrenching addictive production.

The mind behind Sacrificial System’s debut is Keith Kosmopolis and he’s been producing music for over fifteen years. By creating his latest release D.N.A., the album proves Keith is a genius when it comes to producing aggressive bone-crushing electronica that makes you want to head bang instantly! Listeners are bound to also have their very own feet somehow screaming at them to be out all night at the local Industrial Gothic club to simply bust a move to every single beat within “D.N.A.”; it’s that astonishing, indeed! Follow Your Leader is an anti-religious statement that harkens back to the glory days of The Downward Spiral. This release will no doubt have Groovie Mann grinning ear to ear with how powerful the track is, while the mind-blowing track “Mirror” will send listeners into an acid trip frenzy from its encroaching production that penetrates directly deep inside the frontal lobe upon first pressing play. Above all, if you’re craving to take a time warp back to the glory days of Front Line Assembly, Ministry, Cabaret Voltaire, and Gravity Kills, then Sacrificial System’s D.N.A. is the perfect album to do so!



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