Album Review: Communions “Blue” (Alternative/Indie/Pop)

By Michael Smith – 3/5 Dragons
From March 2017 Vandala Magazine 

Is this album groundbreaking? No. Is this album a deep, highly technical example of superego artistic superiority? No. What is this album then? This is an example of fun, indie pop, that makes a listener not have to think too much, not have to feel anything more than good. The music world can take itself so seriously sometimes, and lose touch of the concept that at the end of it all music is meant to entertain and make a listener feel good as well as be something to put a smile on the face of fans and listeners of all ages sometimes. Blue is an example of this, with its lighthearted synth beats, upbeat attitude creating a pop rock sound of early 90’s college rock, and youthy guitar riffs of the early 00’s. This album may not change lives, but it will entertain you, get your foot tapping, and be a positive the start, middle, and/or conclusion to your day. Self-righteous couture genres of music come and go, and continually leave the party before anyone knew they’d even arrived. This brand of pop rock always gets an invite, stays around, and is the kind of house party guest that may not always stand out, but, everyone is happy to see they came.


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