Album Review – Dine Alone Records Summer Sampler (Various)

Dine Alone Records Summer SamplerDear Dine Alone Records: Let me count the ways I love thee! First of all I’ve always loved you, second, you make me proud to be in the Canadian music industry by continually putting out some of the greatest alternative rock in the industry- period. Third of all, I love you for putting out a free summer sampler- my music staple for this sweltering summer. It has everything I need in a playlist, from Monster Truck, Billy Bragg, to The Lumineers. It’s the type of song I can picture listening to on a hot summer day sitting outside with friends, a good conversation and a few brews. Gone, is also one of favorite songs by the Howlin’ Bothers off their album, Howl. A stunning acoustic folk-blues, definitely influenced by Van Morrison, has the absolute sharpest in terms of songwriting, and the arrangements, most often just guitar, upright bass, banjo, and fiddle  are fully fleshed out and never feel spare or slight. Next song would be HBS’ (Her Bright Skies) Baron Robber. To be perfectly honest, up until this mix I’ve never really taken a look at these guys, but now, they are, for sure, under my radar. HBS is a swedish, post-hardcore, punk, godsend in the industry, I’m kinda obsessed. All in all, pick this up, it’s free, it’s awesome, and most importantly you’ll get to know some bands you might never have listened to before. So, go to their site, take a listen, download what you want and enjoy. Dine Alone has always done good by me. 4/5 Dragons

Dine Alone Records Online –

By Andrew Johnstone


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