Album Review – Grimes – ‘Art Angels’ (Rock/Electronic/Wizard Rock)

Grimes Art AngelArticle By Michael Smith
5/5 Dragons
From Decembers 2015 Vandala Magazine 

It’s been a long wait for the follow to the massive success of her 2012 album Visions, and fans will not be let down. This album is fast-paced and very animated, and certainly at least a few tracks are sure to become regular additions to most house party playlists, as well roaring through car windows on Friday and Saturday nights. This album has so much going on in every song, and is catchy beyond belief. It is an even more ambitious release than her last, and certainly more accessible to the masses. The energy level has been elevated quite a bit, creating what will certainly be a feverish live show. Art Angels is an intense, colorful hurricane of indie-electro pop greatness.

Infectiously danceable, heavily layered, seductive at times, and fun throughout. This could be the release that pushes Grimes beyond just the world of pitchfork, college radio, and into that song you liked in a commercial and had to Shazam. This album could forge her place in the world of big time venues, and possibly even a top 40 crossover.


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