Album Review: Kaoteon “Damnatio Memoraie” (Black/Death Metal)

Chad Thomas Carsten
5/5 Dragons
From Jan/Feb 2018 Vandala Magazine 

For the unfamiliar; a little bit of background behind one of the most eager, talented, Middle Eastern Metal acts in the last decade! Anthony Kaoteon formed Kaoteon by himself in 1999. Then Walid Wolflust joined soon after. The duo are a blackened death metal band that were originally based within Beirut, Lebanon, located in the Middle East. Making music in the Middle East was nearly impossible for the band. Kaoteon faced jail sentences, were constantly persecuted by religion and their local government, and dealt with extreme censorship simply because of the music they performed on the daily. The band is now currently located in the Netherlands capital “Amsterdam”.

Kaoteon are always hard at work creating the most talented Blackened Death audio heard within the the last decade and for their second full length record, Kaoteon have partnered up with drummer legend Fredrik Widigs of Marduk and bass God Linus Klausenitzer of Obscura, which helped make their sophomore release even more brutal for the better! Damnatio Memoraie is a metal experience that is guaranteed to leave listeners bludgeoned into a coma, but somehow feeling more alive than ever before! Each note so raw, you may feel the flesh from your ears slowly ripping away from your head after each metallic note penetrates the left and right ear drums, thanks to the metal brutality genius that Kaoteon were destined to create for the metal masses worldwide since birth! Damnatio Memoraie the perfect record to listen to when a full moon arises and you’re in the mood to mosh in the graveyard naked!


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