Album Review – Monster Truck ‘Sittin Heavy’ (Rock/Hard Rock)

MT-SITTINHEAVY-1500PXBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 4/5 Dragons
From April 2016 Vandala Magazine 

Canada’s Monster Truck comes out swinging full force with a fistful of southern tinged hard rock for their sophomore release “Sittin Heavy” and the fist of this release connects straight to the rock n roll musical dome hard as a rock! This is what real rock should sound like! Heavy, catchy, and the volume on full blast until the windows of your home shatter! This is the type of record that you play on repeat when you get together with all your rock n’ roll buddies on a Friday evening to escape the 9-5 stress. The album serving as the soundtrack to an entire night of just playing poker, drinking and smoking while partying wild till the sun comes up and luckily somehow you and all your friends manage to still be able to escape the police from serving you a sound ordinance fine, because the police end up partying with you thanks to the positive music vibes Monster Truck brings forth.

“Sittin Heavy” calls back to the good ol’ days of Lynard Skynard, Molly Hatchet, Foghat, and Grand Funk Railroad. If the guitar solos were female, they’d be strong-willed, confident, and so eye-popping gorgeous you wouldn’t be able to keep your jaw from dropping straight to the floor on some classic Bob Clampett cartoon shit! The guitar solos are absolutely glorious and a play a major role in the sound that is Monster Truck. Classic rock fans will be air guitaring so hard to the tunes of “Sittin Heavy” that their sore fingers will magically be bleeding from the invisible strings. The riffs are that mind melting! So sit back, pop in this Monster Truck album and take a time warp back to when Rock ‘n’ Roll truly meant something. Major highlights include “Why Are You Not Rocking?” “For The People”, “Shes A Witch”, “Black Forest”, “The Enforcer” and “Enjoy The Time”.


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