Album Review – Washed Out “Paracosm” (No-Fi)

Album review -  Washed Out “Paracosm” (No-Fi)Washed out is Ernest Greene, a young artist straight out of Georgia, South Carolina.  He is described as an artist who makes bedroom synthpop that creates sounds blurred and woozily evocative, like someone smeared Vaseline all over an early OMD demo tape, then stayed up all night trying to recreate what they heard. I had originally come across his music a while back while perusing around Sub-Pop record’s website; even with all the music I receive I always find music solace on this site, and, on the contrary of the type of music I would normally be attracted to, I couldn’t help but to be totally charmed by Washed Out. His new album Paracosm, just like the meaning of the word, Ernest Greene created his own detailed  fantasy world, through his detailed layered mixes, nature sounds, and dream like vocals. His first track Entrance, opens door that leads the listener straight into a paracosm. It begins with something you would normally hear at a spa (birds chirping, nature groove), but through layering of vibraphone, bird sounds, and harp it intensifies creating a blissful tension then entry drums which seamlessly melds into his next track It All Feels Right- and that it does! Every track fits so symbiotically with the next, to be fair it’s hard to pick top tracks, this album is as a whole is a perfect chillwave art piece. Washed Out invites the listener into this world, and motionless time through Green’s musical language, although at times it seems to have this retro vibe to it, Paracosm remains timeless.  4/5 Dragons

 Washed Out Online – &

– By Lana Nimmons


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