Album Review: Uniform “Wake In Fright” (Rock/Industrial/Noise)

uniform-wake-in-frightBy Michael Smith – 4/5 Dragons
From Jan/Feb 2017 Vandala Magazine 

The Brooklyn duo kicks off 2017 with a brash opus of fury. Creating a mesmerizing fusion of intense industrial, noise, grindcore, and pretty much everything else that loud and angry as hell. An album based around a world at war with itself and created with multiple different sounds of violence programmed in place of snares and kick drums, creating a nightmarish cathartic sound fitting the title “Wake In Fright”, as well as illustrating a voice of the people angry with the direction their government and country are potentially headed, similar to the reaction Regan received from the punk and metal scene in the 80’s. Politics aside, this album is exciting and extremely intense. Listeners will be spewing adrenaline and may feel a bit winded after a single track. There is no lack of band ferocity. Those looking for something melodic loud need not look further.


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