Album Review: Koshir “Chew Your Food” E.P. (Hip Hop/Rap)

koshir-album-coverBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 4/5 Dragons
From Jan/Feb 2017 Vandala Magazine 

Do you love your Hip-Hop being drenched with dirty sex rhymes that are so filthy it could very well give an entire neighborhood an erection when pounding in the streets? And are you a fan of raw lyrical savage hip-hop that inspires you to start working out and help to get your life back to together when first hitting play? Who even has content meshed together to give you sexual pleasure, while building your self-esteem to kick life in the ass and conquer your own goals? Koshir! He is Northwest’s best-kept secret in hip-hop, that shouldn’t even be a secret to begin with. This cat has mad talent and deserves to blow up on the build board charts like an Iran CD release party.

The “Chew Your Food” E.P. is Koshir simply not giving a shit about what others think, by ignorning every hater in his path and making sure his music top notch, while also proving he is the king of the Northwest by not allowing another emcee snatch his shine from the mic. If Blowfly, Too Short, Brotha Lynch Hung, Fresh Kid Ice of 2-Live Crew, and Necro were to form into one single giant entity, as if they were combining together like Toei Animation’s Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger mech warrior character “Daijūjin”(aka Great Beast God. Who takes five rangers to combine into one) and they made a solo hip-hop E.P., while in that form. With that ability, those rhyme slayers would very well birth Koshir’s “Chew Your Food” E.P. Not saying Koshir isn’t original, (He can damn well keep it true and original) just expressing who could be linked with is creative influences. Those artists are the kings of sex and grimy raps and Koshir is creating a small gigantic hip-hop musical package to showcase his seriousness in front of his fellow influences.

And while Koshir is still relatively new to the hip-hop game, he is advancing rather quickly on top of his peers, serving as the next five-star general rapper to lead a new generation straight-forth into taking over the music industry with clever triple xxx-rated porno rhymes and turn them platinum without selling out. Koshir is destined for greatness, “Chew Your Food” expresses that very clearly. The Chew Your Food e.p. ends rather quickly, but fans will be wanting more. This is just a small snack to give listeners a heads up to what Koshir secretly has planned to what could be a devastating full length LP. Keep your eyes on this one!

Favorites: “On Smash” (featuring KXNG Crooked, Mistah Fab, and Charlie Ray), “When It All Falls Down” and “Heat Stroke”


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