Album Review – Zackariah and the Prophets “Goodnight, Icarus” (Alternative/Rock)

 Zackariah and the Prophets “Goodnight, Icarus”

Review By Darian Magee – 4.8/5 Dragons
From Junes Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE

The sound of Zackariah and the Prophets consistently leaves you wanting more. With music that is both exciting and carefree, their debut album Goodnight, Icarus is full of feel good summer tunes. Possessing elements of both jazz and groove, it’s sure to get you dancing. Opening with the song Cat Eyes, these four artists collectively established a sound that is so uniquely theirs, that by the time Foxy rolls around, you couldn’t bring yourself to compare the group to another artist out there.

Their album release party was packed to the brim with excited fans all clamoring to share the success of Zack Rathwell, Barry Mason, Kyle Tenove, and Josh Hunter. Not 2 days later following their well deserved fame, members Zack Rathwell and Josh Hunter were killed in a quintuplet stabbing described as Calgarys worst mass murder in history. Surviving members expressed their sorrow and gratitude via facebook, writing “On behalf of the whole band, we can safely say we are so thankful for your condolences. We didn’t lose two bandmates, we lost two brothers. Their shining shenanigans and shining light will always be with us. ZATP is done, because the band was all four of us. Without all four of us the band doesn’t exist. We love you all. And we loved them more than anything in the world”. But this review isn’t about a tragedy. This was written to celebrate Goodnight Icarus, an album monumentalizing a pair of loveable beatniks who deserved so much better. Known for their funky riffs and bizarre yet appealing grooves, the young group of musicians conquered Alberta’s garage rock scene. Immortalized in song, listeners.



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