Album Review: Dune Rats “The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit” (Rock)

By Michael Smith – 4/5 Dragons
From March 2017 Vandala Magazine 

Cheap beer. Weed. Cut off jean shorts. Skateboards. Beach life. Sunshine. Hoodrat shit. Teen angst. Brisbane, yes, all the way from Australia comes a skate punk band, album and sound typically associated with Southern California. But, LA can’t be the only place in the world with bored teens looking to get f*cked up and have fun.

There’s not a lot to say eloquently, this is a fun skate punk album that anyone with the least bit of attachments the culture will love, or anyone that loves the sun and causing a little trouble, or hell anyone that is/was 17 and wanted their old brother/sister to buy them and their friends beer on a Saturday night. If perhaps this is not you, this album will make you pretty curious of those kids and their no tomorrow attitude, and living for fun, maybe even encourage that little piece that wants to raise hell and at the least kick over a trash can. The upcoming summer is this album, your new skateboard, six pack of tall boys, your friends giving the fingers to strangers, and getting high as f*ck.

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*The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit Canadian Tour
04.19 – Toronto – The Great Hall
04.20 – St Catharines – The Warehouse
04.22 – Ottawa – Dominion
04.23 – Montreal – Turbo Haus
04.25 – Edmonton –  The Buckingham
04.26 – Calgary – Nite Owl
04.28 – Vancouver – Rickshaw
05.01 – Banff – Wild Bill’s
05.03 – Canmore – The Drake


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