Album Review – Giant Squid “Minoans” (Progressive/Metal)

Giant Squid “Minoans”
Review By Jeff Black

4/5 Dragons
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Black seas of infinity. Tales of human tragedy. Rumble of distant mountains, coming alive with fire and wrath. All this — and more! — with the latest album from your new favorite Marine Biologist Metal group. The cello works great here, a slow mournful groan alongside the cries of bronze-age men and women, see “Sixty Foot Waves.” Tinkly keyboards with all sorts of bells and whistles, sounds like how temple incense smells. Guitars splitting the earth asunder, bass undulating, kick drum as heartbeat of the ocean. Listen to the climax of “Thera” and tell me that ain’t the sound of tectonic forces grinding into place. One of those full album experiences best used as soundtrack to hashish worship and heavy literature whilst contemplating the demise of empires both young and old. Deep enough to drown in.


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