Album Review: Porcelain Raft “Microclimate” (Alternative/Pop)

porcelain-raftBy Michael Smith – 5/5 Dragons
From March Vandala Magazine 

Possibly, you recognize this artist’s name. Possibly, you’ve heard a track or two, told yourself to check them out more, and kept putting it off until later. Possibly, you’ve never seen or heard anything from Porcelain Raft and these words are the first you’ve read. This all changes, or at least should. It is ambitious, two months into 2017, to attach a  likely “favorite” of the year title to any musical release. However, 2017 is not a typical year, and Microclimate is not a typical album. This dreamy sound, artistic songwriting, and entrancing vocal work will lock you in to the point its nearly impossible to focus on anything in the surrounding world. Upon first listen you will be feeling chills down the back of your neck through your arm, hands, and fingers. From time to time, you will feel so many emotion, and so many different feelings you want to express, your body will shutter in relief. Top to bottom this is the strongest release of 2017, and every new listen will strengthen that resolve. These are the kind of songs you want to share with friends and loved ones. These are also songs you want to snuggle up to with the lights off all alone, and drift into your own personal nirvana.


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