ALBUM REVIEW – Otherwise“ Peace at All Costs” (Rock/Hard Alternative)

Otherwise - Peace at All VostsReview By Crystal Lee RATING: 5/5 Dragons
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Otherwise finally has released their second full album. In 2012 they came out of the gates on Century Media Records and before that they had a few amazing EP’s. There last album “True Love Never Dies” I gave a 5/5 and it’s been 2 years since that album due to the band touring a ridiculous amount. They kept the fans happy with a free EP of acoustic songs though I was upset since that was not enough. To be honest True Love Never Dies hit the charts hard, played on high rotation on playlists and had amazing success thus a hard album to follow up but the band proved they are hear and they are here to stay.

Each album even way back to “Some Kind of Alchemy” has had a theme. Obviously this one unlike “True Love Never Dies” is a little different as Adrian Explains: “Darker Side of the Moon” is just the beginning of the journey that we plan to take with everyone. The moon is a heavenly body that we’ve come to cherish and worship throughout our meager lives … but there is another side to it that most of us know nothing about. We hope that our album ‘Peace At All Costs’ will help the world navigate the depths of its own darkness and break through into the light on the other side.”

As you can see this is no love song album like “True Love Never Dies”. The band has a little change in sound which is evolution, growth and even more of a solidarity. The album overall is a magnificent journey start to finish and you listen to all the songs on the album. Again Otherwise thinks about these things such as making an album that is good start to finish, unlike the many artists who want to make their money with single songs.

I usually hate those little intros and breaks in an album but this gives us the heads up that this album is its own album full of more melodics, a different side of love and mostly anger, angst and rock n’ roll. With the first song “Love and War” you hear some dirtier sounds yet the band signature rock is still there. Otherwise being a little harder and dirtier in some parts showcases their range of abilities. Personally I hate any change but they made it easy to accept and only did a little bit not a whole 180.

Otherwise did not forget to slow things down with “All The Pretty Things” and “Walk Away” with a powerful emotionally-laden delivery from Adrian Patricks’ on vocals. Both songs balance vocals, guitars, passion and music beautifully. Though my favorite slower song on the album is “Never Say” which is so melodic, and stunning. Otherwise just rounds this album off with their first single that I have played over and over since its release.

“Darker Side of the Moon” takes us right back to the signature Otherwise sound, and just as powerful as the hit song “Soldiers” off of True Love Never Dies which I though could not be topped is rock-solid . Another thing I love about this band is you hear Adrians voice, the guitars and the music you know its Otherwise. This song they dug deep and is an obvious choice for their first release which will be taking over the charts.

Before I finish this review I want to mention Corky Gainsford – Drums (Vocals) and Vassilios Metropoulos – Bass/Cardio. Just like breathing they are a vital part of this band. They blend the music perfectly on this album and True Love Never Dies. They do not get enough credit because if you really listen you see how talented these two are, with making the Otherwise sound whole. Otherwise has the perfect line up and it shows in this album.

Their lyrics are always the main highlight from the band and this album is no different. They are well thought out, passionate, have real meaning and keep the sing along ability; this is something I see so many bands try and fail in the path to hitting all those features. You can really see this talent in one of the favorites on this album “Meet Me In The Dark”.

Is the album amazing – YES. Is it as good as True Love Never Dies – YES BUT they are different types of albums. Otherwise is making a collection that 50 years from now we will put on our high tech players. Each album is unique in its own way keeping the Otherwise sound but are making albums for every part of our lives. Love & break ups, Anger, Personal struggles and more. They are on their way to having a greatest hits collection that people will be spinning years from now but for now we should see Otherwise climbing the charts and living on the road again. DATES BELOW

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