Album Review – Miss You In Tuques “Tuesday” (Pop)

Miss You In TuquesMiss You In Tuques is a synth dream pop duo from Vancouver, BC, and their new four track EP, titled Tuesday, is fresh off the press. Their instincts for this kind of retro-styled EP are spot-on. Their slithering guitar riffs intertwines perfectly with their electro grooves and layered harmonies which draws meticulous attention of a true pop classicist. “Tuesday”, starts the fun right away with track one, “Pink Prairies”. Between the instrumentals and the way the name the track is sung, and produced in layers,  the title track gives off a very relaxed vibe. The dreamy electro mixes playing while Leah is singing the chorus makes the song float, that is if audio can float. “Summertime Stalker” hook the listener in for maximum impact, as on the impossibly catchy opener. Glinting guitars guitars bleed with a colorful glow, shining through a smoke-screened atmosphere that’s as thick as it is curious. This makes for a lush and rich mixture of sounds, fronted by crooning vocals and plenty of crystal-clear guitar jangles to keep you attentive. What I love most about this album (besides being a dream pop lover) is how Miss You In Tuques melds lucid, poppy electric guitar lines and keyboard melodies with distinctive vocalizations, add fluttering synths, colorfully psyched-out guitars, airy vocals and a constant haze to the mix all help characterize this unique record- and one you won’t be able to help but play over and over again.  4/5 Dragons

Miss You In Tuques Online and

Review By Andrew Johnstone


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