Album Review – A$AP Ferg “Trap” (Hip Hop)

A$AP Ferg “Trap” (Hip Hop)Trap Lord, full length effort by A$AP Ferg, one of A$AP Mob’s most promising rappers is monumental for modern hip hop. So far A$AP Rocky has been at the forefront of their movement, and thanks to his success, they’ve played the biggest festivals, toured as headliners all over the world. Much like many other hip hop collectives working today, this strength in numbers, in-house design, production, everything approach has proven time and time again to be very effective for hip hop artists. Now that Rocky has solidified his throne in the underground and mainstream, it is the perfect time for Ferg to step up and show what he’s got to offer through an album, and what a breathe of fresh air it is. His rough, over the top vocal delivery is gravitating, but when it’s combined with the catchy hooks, by more dizzying, intensely enjoyable and catchy songs like Tropic Lane. This dynamic throughout the album is crucial since listening to an entire release of unrelenting drums and noise filled guitars would be a challenge, and a nauseating listen for some, especially new listeners who are not familiar with the genre. What is most attractive about X’ed is the sheer excitement, enthusiasm and energy coming through the speakers. The instrumentation is deliberately not micro edited, it does sound like a band straight out of a garage, but one that is filled with comic books, and VHS tapes of old Simpsons episodes. Presenting this complex form of music in such a youthful, and delightful way is refreshing to hear. 4/5 Dragons

A$AP Ferg Online – &

 – By Bag


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