Album Review – Battlecross ”War of Will” (American Heavy Metal)

Battlecross "War Of Will"Battlecross is a newer addition to the Metal Blade roster.  And it’s obvious why… These guys blend death and thrash metal in a very energetic way. The guitars chug and squawk through in-your-face 6L6 tube saturation as throaty vocals rip at your soul. Frantic drumming forms this basis of this modern thrash outfit for a complete sonic package.

I dig this by the way. And that’s coming from a guy who is EXCEPTIONALLY critical of thrash bands; especially Re-Thrash bullsh*t.  But Battlecross is definitely not that. They establish themselves as a modern and refined band.

The songwriting shows maturity and restraint where needed. I mean the guitars rip, but the band knows where to rip so that they don’t over-saturate the listener. Excellence permeates this album especially in the melodic and tasteful solos that pop up every 3 minutes.

Guitar harmonies soar over blasting drums and screeching vocals.  In essence, Battlecross establishes themselves as America’s response to the Gothenburg sound. Perhaps 15 years overdue, but I give them credit for their energy and talent. Though their sound is nothing new, it definitely re-enforces the pulse of modern thrash above and beyond the Re-Thrash out there.  4/5 Dragons

Battlecross Online: &

– Review By David Khan of the Band Scythia



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