Album Review: The Everyday Losers “Before You Say A Word” (Rock/Grunge)

PrintBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 5/5 Dragons
From October 2016 Vandala Magazine

The Everyday Losers are destined for greatness! Their album “Before You Say A Word” will go down in Indiana modern rock history as an album that takes rock n’ roll back to its dangerously exciting roots and keeps rock n roll alive thanks to it’s supercharged guitar solos and heavy hitting riffs! Each track is flawless and will no doubt open up the rock n roll souls of every person who sits down and listens to the album for the very first time. Mouths of listeners worldwide will be drooling long after the album is done playing from all the tasty rocking riffs within “Before You Say A Word” and their music souls will be so beyond stuffed after devouring all the bad-ass riffs that their souls will somehow be required to have triple by pass surgery. Yes, it’s really that good!

Move over Axel Rose, lead vocalist Dylan Seidel knows how to rock a mic correctly and some fans are going to be inspired by Dylan and are bound to try and become a great front-man, just like Dylan. His vocals are powerful! So powerful in fact, some listeners will instantly receive goosebumps across their arms (even if it’s over a hundred degrees Fahrenheit) from his talent presented inside “Before You Say A Word”. But it’s not just Dylan who has the super talent. Every member; Tyler Seidel (Guitarist), Damian Baker (Drums), and Danny Norton (Bass) are all masters of their own craft and are also bound to inspire others to pursue their dreams of becoming successful musicians too.

Overall, if you’re down with the likes of Nirvana, Smile Empty Soul, Buck Cherry, Hinder, or just want something to rock your face off in general, then The Everyday Losers are for you! {Key tracks: “Bleed”, “A.P.S.F.E”, “Loser”, “Happy Song”, “Pig”, and “Whatever”}

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