April 2016 Vandala Magazine – Frank Turner, Monster Truck, Twiztid, Cradle of Filth and More

 This month we were all of the board for genres and locations and had a blast. On the cover we have the very talented Frank Turner about his career and the next chapter. On the other spectrum we have interviews with hip hoppers Twitztid and Virus Syndicate then we hop over to metallers Cradle of Filth with a great interview. We also have lots of live coverage with legends Megadeth, Nightwish, Monster Truck, The trews and much more. This and our regular features such as album reviews and photo highlights.  READ HERE FREE

April 2016 Cover Interview:

April 2016 Vandala MagazineFrank Turner – All the Kids are Talking Slang

We caught up with Frank just before departing for his Canadian run about the new record, his recently published touring memoir and the importance of what it means to be an entertainer Read on Page 50

Canadian Juggalo Invasion – Monoxide of TwiztidApril 2016 Vandala Magazine Twiztid Interview

Twiztid have had the rap game on lock for over 20 years and continue to grow a constant rabid fan base that has taken over the underground scene like a zombie plague.  Twiztid show no signs of slowing down anytime soon and will probably keep touring for another 20 years. Vandala chatted with the band to get details, future plans and stories from the road. Page 40

Guitarist Richard Shaw of Cradle of Filth Talks North American Tour, and Favourite Moments.April 2016 Vandala Magazine Cradle of Filth Interview

Before their February 26th, 2016  show in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, guitarist Richard Shaw of extreme metal band, Cradle of Filth sat down with me and discussed some of this favourite moments throughout the group’s North American tour thus far.  Page 58

Monster Truck and The Temperance Movement Bring High Energy [..]

April 2016 Vandala Magazine Monster Truck Dana Zuk Photography

Did Somebody Say Symptomatic? Interview with Virus SyndicateApril 2016 Vandala Magazine - Virus Syndicate Interview

Virus Syndicate are the kings of British grime and no other hip-hop act is fierce enough to take away that crown, for they’re undoubtedly the most fierce and brilliant Hip-Hop act out of Manchester UK within the last ten years.  Virus Syndicate gave a very interesting interview about freedom of speech to politics.  Page 66

Other Highlights

April 2016 Vandala Magazine Contents*Charles Bradley – ‘Changes’ (Soul)
*Monster Truck ‘Sittin Heavy’ (Rock/Hard Rock)
*Face To Face – ‘Protection’ (Punk)
*Twiztid – ‘Mutant: Remixed And Re-Mastered’(Hip Hop/Rap)
*Crossworm – ‘Drowning In Restricted Thought’ (Hip-Hop/Electronica)
*Virus Syndicate – ’Symptomatic’ (Hip Hop/Rap)
*Day Wave ­- Hard To Read (Alternative)
April 2016 Vandala Magazine Megadeth Vandala Photography*Memoryhouse ­- Soft Hate (Pop)

*Photo Highlights – The Trews & Rich Robinson
*Audio/Rocketry Entices HomeTown Fan-Base with New Material
*Photo Highlights – Dystopia Tour 2016 with Megadeth, Suicidal Tendencies, Children of Bodom, Havok
*Fire Up The Chainsaw – A Cannibal Corpse Show
*Photo Highlights – Nightwish, Delain, Sonata Arctica
*Grinding in the Free World – An Interview with Avi Kulawy of Magrudergrind.



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