Album Review – Monster Truck “Furiosity” (Rock)

Monster Truck “Furiosity” (Rock)

Originally formed in 2009, Monster Truck broke out in 2011 when they signed with Toronto’s Dine Alone Records, releasing The Brown EP. The EP blew up quick, spawning radio play and plenty of opportunities. Since then, the band has been hard at work writing all new songs for this full-length album. Canadian based rockers Monster Truck open the album with Old Train. Complete with a train rumbling along the tracks, this tune brings gang vocals, furious riffs and an absolutely infectious chorus. Track two, The Lion, sneaks up on you before jumping from the brush to rip your face off. The intensity picks up on this track and will be one that has many heads banging in unison on tour. For the Sun is a blues-infused track that shows you yet another completely different side of Monster Truck. Sounding as if Jimmy Page and the mighty Led Zeppelin wrote this one, the band takes you on a journey to their roots. The classic rock sounds that we all know and love. With it’s beautiful organ ambience and slow step blues structure, the song is what I like to call slow heavy. While it never speeds up, it’s ambience and vocal delivery give it a soulful, heavy sound. The guitars are really the only heavy thing about the song, but the momentum going into the chorus just feels so powerful and emotional. I have only one more thing to say about this album: don’t f*ck with the truck!  4/5 Dragons

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 – By Lana Nimmons


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