Album Review – Bob Wayne“Back to the Camper” (Rock/Outlaw Country)

 Back to the camper - Bob WayneReview By Darian Magee – 4.2/5 Dragons
From August Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE

Taking a break from all the dream pop I’ve been reviewing, next up we have one of Nashville’s finest. Bob Wayne is a lovable southern dork and if his charmingly crass lyrics don’t draw you in, his intricate banjo will certainly do the trick. Complete with a jaw harp and what seems to be a digeridoo, Back to the Camper embodies the sense of fun outlaw  country brings. Although it’s obvious Bob Wayne primarily focuses on the musical aspect of his work, it seems like his second love is to entertain –  a single track off this album will have you dancing like nobody’s business. With songs entitled “All Cops are Bastards”, Bob Wayne is best listened to while drinking or in the privacy of your own home. But don’t let that stop you from rocking out! For some of our less dancy readers, I highly recommend listening to Back to the Camper by the warmth of a fire with a six pack of beer in tow. He’s well worth the hangover. and


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