Album Review – Sleepwave “Broken Compass” (Rock)

Sleepwave - Broken CompassReview By Crystal Lee RATING  4.5/5 Dragons
From September 2014 Vandala Magazine  READ MORE ARTICLES

Sleepwave is the new band from former Underoath singer Spencer Chamberlain, featuring band mate Stephen Bowman. This project has been a secret for so long and now it’s finally here with its debut “Broken Compass” via Epitaph Records.

Right out of the gates you will see this band is high energy keeping the rock flowing throughout the whole album. Many will love” Though the Looking Glass” with fire but for me “Paper Planes” was one of my favorites. There is a beautiful piano intro which sold me within 30 seconds of the song. Then the guitars kicked in and I generally am not a fuzzy guitar fan but it works for this band and works well. The chorus is in your face just like most of this album that is just screaming to be listened to. And if you like in your face songs “Wolf’ will definitely be on your playlist with just pure intensity.

To smooth out the album they added a few slower songs and a highlight for myself is “Hold Up My Head” is a perfect blend of music, vocals and piano undertones. In its beauty the lyrics are dark and emotional.

I listened to the album a few times and then it dawned on me…….. There is some undertones of Filter but with a little post-hardcore sounds. This all comes together to make a sound of their own which was a pleasant surprise.


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