Album Review: The Coathangers – Nosebleed Weekend (Alternative/ Yes! Wave)

TheCoathangers-NosebleedWeekendBy Michael Smith– 4.5/5 Dragons
From June 2016 Vandala Magazine

This is the trios fifth album, but is an introduction of sorts to a more massive audience, and fans new and old will be very pleased. Filled with catchy hooks, upbeat rhythm, grit, dirt, and tons of attitudes. The trio craft a Joan Jett inspired style of rabble rousing garage punk. Guitarist Crook Kid Coathanger’s (Julia Kugel) high pitched, exuberantly youthful vocal style, perfectly complements drummer Rusty Coathanger’s (Stephanie Luke) gravely, authoritative and strangely sexy voice. Garage influences spanning the 70-90’s are apparent throughout the entire albums, but are delivered with the band’s own personal flair creating an aesthetic that is their own, and not falling into the trap of becoming a nostalgia act.

Their minimalistic style is easy to take to, overflowing with fun, and at time hard not to dance to, more accurate would be stand with your arm crossed holding a tall boy of cheap beer, tapping your foot (maybe bobbing your head) with an unimpressed look on your face and doing everything you can to hold back the true excitement you are feeling. Nosebleed Weekend is a perfect album for the summertime, and even more so perfect for festival season, or drinking beers with your friends at the pool.

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