Album Review: Teen Daze “Themes For A Dying Earth” (Alternative/Ambient/Pop)

By Michael Smith – 3/5 Dragons
From March 2017 Vandala Magazine 

A nearly flawless blend of ambient-electronic, art pop, and dream pop. This album touches on numerous emotions and never keeps you in the same place for too long. Even with it floating in an atmosphere that on the surface feels bleak, album inspires a sense of optimism and an overwhelming feeling of happiness. No matter what be weighing on you, for the moment, life’s ok, and everything is at peace. This feeling is best created in the instrumental track “Cherry Blossoms”, and may best illustrate the emotional theme for the entire album. Based in a genre that can be whiny, arrogant, or overly reliant pharmaceutical emotions, Teen Daze develops an atmosphere lacking ego, and focused on creating something beautiful, heartfelt, and inspiring on hope. Alongside the feelings of optimistic tranquility, this release provides the soothing calmness of a morning devoid of responsibility, and any adversity of everyday life. The feeling of unbounded freedom.


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