Album Review – Riot V “Unleash The Fire” (Hard Rock/Metal)

Riot Unleash The FireReview By Jeff Black
4.5/5 Dragons
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Don’t look now! What can I possibly say about Riot that hasn’t already been said? Easily the most instantly-memorable record I’ve heard in 2014. Only took one listen: I’ve got the choruses and at least one riff from all twelve (!) of the tracks on this album lodged forever in my memory. Todd Michael Hall (who fronted Jack Starr’s band) is the fifth frontman to step behind the mic with this legendary group and his sky-high caterwaul is perfectly suited for the slick and sharpened brand of power metal that Riot has been cultivating for decades now. The guitar work of Mike Flyntz and newcomer Nick Lee is fine needlework, darting and weaving and drawn taught in dazzling patterns. The songs tread that fine line of self-awareness, managing to drop a few  coy reminders to earlier glories without slipping into the black hole of deja vu. A rare feat for any band with a couple albums under its belt, and this is Riot’s FIFTEENTH. Trust me: they just don’t make ’em like this anymore.

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