Album Review – Wavves – ‘V’ (Pop)

Wavves - VBy Michael Smith
4.5/5 Dragons
Review from Vandala Magazine; November 2015 Issue
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With autumn now officially here, it may seem out of place to release album fraught with the sound and feeling of summer. Maybe it’s one last celebration of the season, or maybe it being from an area of the country (San Diego, CA) where it’s summer all year round, anyway this album is fun, upbeat, loud, and makes you want to get outside in the sun with your friends and enjoy not having any real responsibilities. Sun and fun has always been a mood Wavves has created throughout their career, but after four previous releases they have made an album that stands out dramatically from the others, the same formulas of song writing are there but everything just works, which is surprising being that this band is always in conversations for top album of the year for their past releases. “My Head Hurts” and “HeavyMetal Detox” are clear stars of the album and should inspire a need to grab your skateboard, even if you don’t have one. The final track on the album “Cry Baby” is a highlight of the band’s catalog and touches on an abundant amount of sounds and influences of theirs, it’s also a great and unruly rock song perfect closing out the album. For over seven years now, Wavves has been providing fans with the best in indie California skate punk, and have gone beyond even themselves on this album, start to finish this album conjures up feelings of looking over to one of your best friends thats has lost his job, broken up with his girl/boyfriend or both and saying to him “Hey man, life sucks, f*ck it, lets go enjoy it while we can”.

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