Album Review – Marta Pacek “Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms” (Alternative Folk/Country)

Marta PacekReview By Lana Nimmons 4/5 Dragons

Marta Pacek’s new album Voodoo Dolls and False Alarms, stirs  haunting echoes of folk and country ballads, reflecting influences from Joni Mitchell, to Nancy Sinatra, to Stevie Nicks. After the success of her previous album Rebel Baby, the Polish-born Aussie has decided to spread her wings and experiment with more electronic beats, leaving her signature alt-country style behind. The new album starts off with the pulsating and haunting feel of The Hunted, which I would say is my favorite song on the album. Nothing Going On begins with taking the listener on a journey back to 50s rock ‘n’ roll with a more modern and album hip hop vibe to it. Not Leaving Here Alone is a song about finding comfort, both physical and emotional in a bar. The theme that the bar isn’t just a place for drinking in, but as a place to regroup. Pacek tells us about the perils of being far from home, and the struggle to find something that somehow brings you back. Favourite Thing veers into Alt Country before pulling at your heartstrings with the sombre Sometimes You Lose and Thar She Blows. Marta nods to Fleetwood Mac in All I Need and Not Leaving Here Alone that would feel right at home on a Tarantino soundtrack. This album is equally heartwarming and soul-wrenching, and her lyrics carry a motif of being able to love completely and unconditionally. There’s irony in this tune in her modesty, and even though its a simplistic album there are interesting intricacies in her subtle crossing in genres.


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