ALBUM COVER FEATURE – Whitehorse – “Leave No Bridge Unburned”

Whitehorse - Leave No Bridge UnburnedReview By  Dustin Griffin
Review from Vandala Magazine; January 2015 Edition – Read Interviews, Reviews and more in Januarys issue FREE HERE

Hamilton, Ontario’s Whitehorse are a husband and wife duo that play sleek and sexy pop music with an exciting mix of influences and sounds in the makeup.

The band’s upcoming album ‘Leave No Bridge Unburned’ is poised to be their breakout. This despite the fact that the duo already have four releases under their belt, including their last record, which was written and performed in entirely in French and a EP of cover tunes.

But while we’ll have to wait until February to hear the new material, what we can appreciate and admire right now is the cover art. Featuring the minimalist silhouettes and bold colouring that is becoming more and more prevalent and popular these days (it always makes me think of Olly Moss’ work), ‘Leave No Bridge Unburned’s cover gives one a lot to think about with little material.

Two people, I’m assuming representing the couple, are running from something. That something seems to be standing in the door of the ‘W’, which looks like a church. That something also looks like a spectre or an angelic presence perhaps. Or a demonic one. Is this a hint at the album exploring religious themes and iconography? Tales of faith found and lost? Spiritual warfare? Or I could be reading too deeply into the spiritual aspect and it could just be two people running from the man. Or hurrying to catch a bus. There’s also a neo-sci-fi aspect to the art. A space cowboy theme perhaps.

Either way, it’s an exciting and intriguing piece of artwork and makes me excited to listen to the record in a few weeks to see how close I got. Or how far off I was, which is probably more accurate. And that’s what a great album cover provides. Endless interpretations, endless possibilities.


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