Album Review – Chalice ‘Raise Your Chalice’ (Heavy Metal)

ChaliceBy Jeff Black
4/5 Dragons
Review from Vandala Magazine; September 2015 Issue
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I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be the only one in a fortnight’s march who gives a shit about this demo but let me make it clear: Chalice are probably the only thing in Vermont worth paying attention to right now. Four tracks, weighing in at an ample half hour of old-ass heavy metal with Arthurian flourishes. The imagery and lyrical themes aren’t anything new but the medieval lilt which permeates the melodies, chord progressions and song structures keeps this bad boy smelling fresh as focken daisies. “Gaudete” and the first half of “Merlin’s Lament” are the prime examples of this, the latter track clocking in at a fat 11 minutes. Though lengthy, the tunes never flag or lose steam. Vocals will rustle jimmies, mainly due to opening track “Witchfynder” having vocals that spat and hurled rather than sung. I kind of love it though. Rest of the songs have more conventional singing which really shines on the folkier tunes. Been on constant rotation since I got it so let’s hope they’ve got the footwork to keep up.


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