Album Review – Skelator “King of Fear” (Epic Heavy/Speed Metal)

Skelator “King of Fear”Review By Jeff Black
4/5 Dragons
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Here is a band who’ve in the trenches dodging bullets, shrapnel and fatal lineup changes since 1998. This is probably Skelator’s most testicular release yet, eschewing the pomp and grandeur of 2012’s Agents of Power for a more song-focused approach that relies on simple, well-wrought catchiness. It’s a straight-up, blue-collared love letter to all the things that make heavy metal so… Heavy Metal, from bird-of-prey screams to guitarmony leads and driving rhythm sections. Rah Davis does not suck at bass, adding delectable counterpoint to “Stronger Than Steel” and “Sword of the Dawn.” Founder Jason Conde-Houston is a crystal-clear version of the late Midnight, (of Crimson Glory) excelling on songs about cutting up bad guys with swords, which is most of them. Guaranteed cure for wallet chains, fedoras, neckbeards and Phil Ansemlo. 


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