Album Review: Barb Wire Dolls “Desperate” (Rock/Grunge/Punk/Metal)

Barb-Wire-Dolls-Desperate-coverBy Chad Thomas Carsten – 5/5 Dragons
From September 2016 Vandala Magazine

Barb Wire Doll’s latest release “Desperate” is a bonafide masterpiece! Each track is just a straight up raw in your face rock n’ roll anthem that would all make Johnny Rotten and Lita Ford jaws drop in amazement upon first pressing play. The riffs are definitely inspired by early Hole, The Runaways, Patti Smith, Motorhead, and Black Flag, as if the musical notes from the riffs of these great artists were all blended together in a giant blender the size of Mauna Kea. Only a titan from within Greek Mythology would be tall enough to blend the riffage and pour the blender, drenching the earth in tasteful juicy riffs that truly define who Barb Wire Dolls are as a band. The rock ‘n’ roll genre needed this type of record to flush out the staleness that’s ruining today’s modern rock radio, digital and FM. The energy of the band is what makes it so refreshing to listen to.

You can tell just by listening to the first three songs of the record that Barb Wire Dollaacs are extremely passionate when it comes to creating heart-throbbing music. They probably play full songs in their sleep, that’s how dedicated this band is! Besides originality and the style riffs, what will catch listeners off guard through their headphones, are the vocals from Isis Queen. Her singing is so powerful, it could lead an ancient army onto the battlefield leading straight to victory. The people who love the pits will be thankful for her vocal talents too.

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