On the Spot Review: Street Dogs/Noi!se split EP

Street DogsReview By Dustin Griffin 4/5 Dragons 

For fans of white knuckle, blue collar street punk with an edge and a message, this split by two of the scene’s best purveyors is a dream come true. Boston’s Street Dogs are a band that needs no introduction to anyone with even a moderate interest or level of knowledge of independent punk rock today. One time Dropkick Murphys vocalist Mike McColgan has led the Dogs through the streets and the clubs of North America and Europe since 2002 and the band seem more on fire and committed to their mission than
ever before.

Seattle’s Noi!se, despite only being a few years young as a band, has already released a slew of impressive singles, EP’s and compilations. With a full length forthcoming and constant touring, often opening for, and winning over some of the scene’s biggest bands, expect this band with its ever growing following to keep moving up.

Released on 10 inch vinyl for Record Store Day 2014 (also available digitally), the split contains three previously unreleased songs a side from each band. The Street Dogs are right in line with what they’ve up to from the start: catchy, socially conscious punk rock, including a celtic flavoured cover of Steve Earl’s ‘Johnny Come Lately.’

The Noi!se side, with an even more impressive trio of songs, kicks off with the rollicking, melodically pulverizing ‘Broken Bonds’ and doesn’t slow down or soften from there. With impressive musicianship, dancing licks and impassioned vocals, these guys mean business and you want to be on the receiving end of whatever business they’re handing out. Oi! Oi! Oi!




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