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Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir and Patrick Chan Announce First Annual ROCK THE RINK Tour […]

Tattoos, Ink and Cars at the 12th Annual Musink Festival […]

Athlete Highlight: Bruce Cook of the NITRO CIRCUS “Next Level Tour” – Plus Videos […]

THIS FRIDAY – NITRO CIRCUS Goes Next Level in Kelowna with All-New Motto Show […]

Jason Mewes Interviewed at Astronomicon! *Faygoluvers Exclusive* […]

Review: Eric 13  Single: Chainsaw Your Face (I Wanna) (Rock/Metal) […]

OUR LADY PEACE Debut New Music Video […]

The Beatles ‘Love Me Do’ Single Breaks Discogs Most Expensive Single Sales Record […]

Check Out Deuce Sophomore Album, ‘Invincible’! Plus Album Stream […]

(Album Stream) Optimystic: The Endemic Emerald Remix LP Feat Onyx, Das EFX, Jeru, Mr Cheeks  […]

Tom Wilson Celebrates New Book With Lee Harvey Osmond Live Album (Full Stream) […]

Moon Rocks and Spaceships are Upon Us! An Interview With Freeze […]

Star-Studded Soundtrack for ‘Served Like A Girl’ Out Now – […]

Silverchair Tribute Features The Amity Affliction, Northlane + More […]

Getting Hooked On Elliott Brood and The Sumner Brothers […]

Artist Spotlight Tetrarch of Atlanta Georgia + Video Interview […]

#TBT Psychopathic Records Take Over Oklahoma City! Live from the Gathering of the Juggalos 2017!  […]

Pandas & People To Release “Out to Sea” EP – Premiere Streaming Via Vandala[…]

21st Century King of Rock ‘n’ Roll: A Tribute to Chester Bennington […]

Cheat Codes Premiere “No Promises” Stripped Version Ft. Demi Lovato […]

Izzy Bizu New “White Tiger” Remix Today […]

Photo Gallery: Peachfest Airshow 2017 […]

Photo Gallery: Snoop Dogg At Center of Gravity 2017 […]

Electronic Pop Group “The Precautions” Release Music Video ‘Mine’  […]

First Listen! – “Annie Get Your Gun” by Jr. Gone Wild at Vandala Magazine […]

#TBT THE AGE OF ELECTRIC: What else can you do for anyone but inspire them? […]

SPECIAL FEATURE TODAY – Power Rangers 25th Anniversary Acceptance: An Interview from Cheyenne, Wyoming Comic Con (Johnny Yong Bosch, Steve Cardenas, Cerina Vincent) […]

Exclusive Premiere: Quin Galavis – “Bleed With Me” From New Album Out June 16th  […]

“No Attitude, Just Gratitude – A Sit Down With Kenny Aronoff” complete with a photoshoot by Heiko Ryll […]

May The Power Protect You, Always An interview with Ron Wasserman […]

Ron Wasserman is a machine when it comes to composing music for television. He might be most famous for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme, but his resme is a very long one which we chat about.

Special Feature – Photo Gallery: Kelowna Fan Xpo 2017 […]

EXCLUSIVE You’ve Been Diagnosed  with Glockcoma: An Interview with Mars […]
Mars Interview

Jean-Michel Jarre Leads Astounding Discussion […] 9a4a4943

9 Unforgettable Escapes worth the Flight […]td-20160827-mysteryland-081-6264

“Original Gangsters” Ben Westhoff on his Explosive New History of West Coast Hip Hop […]Interview "Original Gangsters" Ben Westhoff on his Explosive New History of West Coast Hip Hop

Book Review: Harley Flanagan Hardcore: Life of My Own […]harleyflanaganhardcorebookcover

 Review: Kissing Candice Single – Taken (Horror/Metal) […]kissing-candice-photo-by-jeremy-saffer
 Exclusive Photo Gallery: Burning Man By Andrew Jorgensen […]Burning Man 2016 By Andrew Jorgensen

jorgphoto_2015_black_500Photographer Feature: Andrew Jorgensen – For the last ten years, internationally renowned professional freelance photographer Andrew Jorgensen has transformed the way live music and festivals have been viewed across the globe. Pairing a camera with […]

Behind the Scenes: Exclusive Blue Oyster Cult Concert to Air on Audience Music Network ARTICLE + PHOTOS Blue Oyster Cult Audience Music Network

EXCLUSIVE Video Premiere: Sit back And Drift Away With “Giving It Up” by Gold Clubb […]Majorleans-Retouched-92-(1)

Vandala Magazine Premiers Gideon’s Army Sweltering ‘Red Lips’ Music Video […] Gideons-Army-promo

Book Review: NOFX – Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories p.16 of Junes Vandala Magazine or in our daily postsNOFX BOOK

#flashbackFriday Choosing Death Festival: Killer Book, Killer Show , and a Killer Interview […]Choosing Death The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore

Lemmy – The Immortal Warrior Tribute on Page 56February 2016 Vandala Magazine Lemmy Tribute

Everyone Says “Hi” – A Farewell to David Bowie Tribute on Page 64February 2016 Vandala Magazine David Bowie Tribute

 A Look Back at 2015 Vandala Magazine

Best Photo of 2015 Vandala MagazineWe had an amazing year in 2015 pop to metal, USA to Canada,  small to giant stages we did it all. We look back at our highlights as well as some of our favorite photos of 2015.  Read on Page 54

Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly#throwbackthursday – Dustin Griffin’s Top 10 Releases of 2015  […]

beach-house-depresssion-cherry-album1#throwbackthursday Michael Smith’s Top 10 Releases of 2015  […]


Had a Blast – In Memory of Teenage Bottlerocket Brandon Carlisle READ HEREbrandon-carlisle-teenage-bottlerocket-610x406

3 Inches Of Blood Farewell Concert READ HERE



Thee Tsunamis10 Bands You should Be Checking Out that are Not on Mainstream Radio There are many lists of bands out there and some of our favorites are bands that you won’t hear on regular/mainstream radio. It’s the best place to find bands that one should check out. One of our favorite […]

Kings of Chaos Sept 2015 Vandala - L. Paul MannKings of Chaos Play Sold Out Show At The Historic Fillmore San Francisco To Benefit The Dolphin Project – Members of the rotating rock royalty that make up the Kings of Chaos band gathered at the legendary Fillmore concert hall in the heart of San Francisco, for an ear shattering sold out rock jam on Wednesday, July 29th. The evening began with VIP guests arriving to meet and greet and have their photos taken… READ ONLINE OR IN SEPTEMBERS ONLINE FLIP MAGAZINE 

Heart of Storm Blends Classic Rock Concert With Russian BalletHeart of Storm Blends Classic Rock Concert With Russian Ballet + Interview with Doug Sherinian, Gregg Bissonette, Doug Aldrich and Tony Franklin’ […]

Kurt Cobain Montage of HeckEditorial Review: Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck – My first memory of Nirvana was in early April, 1994. I was ten years old. I was at school and we had ‘library time’ with the kids in my class and class above ours. I came in and saw a group of kids sitting around one of those big, grey, rectangular tape decks with a pair of coil corded, oversized […]

The_Rumjacks_-_Sober__Godless_-_CoverAlbum Cover Feature – The Rumjacks – “Sober & Godless”  – The Rumjacks are a celtic punk band out of Sydney, Australia. Australia isn’t exactly known far and wide for its celtic punk scene, but that doesn’t stop these four boys from making a mighty impressive racket within the genre. READ HERE

Marky RamoneBook Review – Marky Ramone “Punk Rock Blitzkrieg: My Life As A Ramone” – It’s easy to forget that while the Ramones were still active, they didn’t enjoy a fraction of the praise and adoration that they do now. They never had a hit single, they never even had a hit record. They toured constantly and released records every year or every other year….. READ FULL REVIEW


Album Review – Saxon “Heavy Metal Thunder – Bloodstock Edition” & “The Saxon Chronicles” – Bands die out. It’s a natural thing, whether it’s through murder, treachery or heartbreak. Some bands collapse before their time, leaving the world with mere fragments of what could have been. Some… READ FULL REVIEW

THE AGONISTVIDEO REVIEW – THE AGONIST ‘Get Rekt Tour’ with ALLEGAEON + Release New Video for “A Gentle Disease” – The Agonist, former front-woman Alissa White-Gluz departed to join Arch Enemy last year and was replaced with new vocalist Vicky Psarakis. On the web I read mixed feelings about this though with … READ & WATCH HERE

Whitehorse - Leave No Bridge UnburnedALBUM COVER FEATURE – Whitehorse – “Leave No Bridge Unburned” – Hamilton, Ontario’s Whitehorse are a husband and wife duo that play sleek and sexy pop music with an exciting mix of influences and sounds in the makeup. The band’s upcoming album ‘Leave No Bridge Unburned’ is poised…. READ REVIEW

Photo Special: A Look Back at the Best of 2014  


There is no better way to look back at the past year than in pictures. We went through our issues and our vault of photos to reflect the best of 2014 and some of our highlights. Plus some of our photographers look back at a few of their favorite photos and events.  STARTS ON PAGE 56 of January 2015 Vandala Magazine

Whitehorse - Leave No Bridge UnburnedALBUM COVER FEATURE – Whitehorse – “Leave No Bridge Unburned” – Hamilton, Ontario’s Whitehorse are a husband and wife duo that play sleek and sexy pop music with an exciting mix of influences and sounds in the makeup. The band’s upcoming album ‘Leave No Bridge Unburned’ is poised…. READ REVIEW

The Humble Beginnings of a Roving SoulALBUM COVER FEATURE – 6’ 10 “The Humble Beginnings of a Roving Soul” – 6’10 is a spinoff of Celtic punk troupe Flatfoot 56. But where Flatfoot is all hard charging rock n’ roll, 6’10 is softer, more introspective acoustic rock. READ FULL REVIEW 

BlacknellDisabled Vet Finds Hope In Music and Nature – Lance Corporal Mark Blacknell was not unlike other infantry Marines that put their lives on the line for their country. “I was on a helicopter op with the Seals back in 1992 when my harness broke c… READ FULL STORY

Feint One Last TimeAlbum Cover Feature – Feint “One Last Time” – Feint is an experimental musician from the UK. His music is a hodgepodge of heavy electronic and industrial music, with skinny breaks of other genres splintered into the mix. The song ‘No Chance’ f…CHECK IT OUT

Original FILMAGE artwork by Chris SharyReview – Filmage: The Story of Descendents/ALL – The introduction to some of my favorite punk bands, some of punk rock’s most iconic bands, have been compilation albums. Albums like Ramones Mania and Bad Religion’s All Ages. In 1991 the box set T… READ REVIEW

SubRosaArtist Feature: SubRosa “Revealing Our Humanity Through Doom Metal” – Roaring down the highway, just over the speed limit with enough illicit substances in the car to get the driver booked for at least a couple of months, this sounds like as good a place as any to start my story about SubRosa. Here I was riding shotgun on a four hour car trip with a guy who I had met only nine days prior. He had agreed.. READ FULL FEATURE

Slaine Album CoverAlbum Cover Feature – Slaine “The King of Everything Else” – This month’s album cover pick is the somewhat controversial cover of Slaine’s somewhat controversial album The King of Everything Else. As I mention in my review of the album.  Slaine is firing on all cylinders with this record and his ability at crafting dark narratives and soundscapes and peppering them with his well honed and gritty flow, has never been more impressive than on King…. READ MORE 

offspring_smash_20th_anniversaryAlbum Cover Feature – Smash 20th Anniversary Edition – Admittedly, and obviously, this month’s cover choice is a bit of a cheat, as Smash actually came out 20 years ago. But because the cover has been slightly redesigned in the new, flashy anniversary package out this month, I’m running with it. READ FEATURE

Festival Special 2014

Augsut 2014 Vandala Magazine Contents July was spectacular month from France to the USA and across Canada we have packed our festival special with a ton of photos, coverage, and more. From Keloha to Hellfest and a even a little “Mayhem” we mixed up the type of festivals we went. We even touched down in Canada, USA and Europe! Check it out Now for free HERE

Bloodmoon - Pure Heavy Metal AscensionUp and Coming – Bloodmoon – Pure Heavy Metal Ascension – The West Coast is exploding with heavy bands right now all of whom have recently put out top notch records, these bands include, Witch Mountain (Whose t-shirt I am currently wearing), Agalloch, Ash Borer, Blackwitch Pudding and more. Yet for me, there is one rarely mentioned rising act who people should really start taking note of, I am speaking of the almighty Bloodmoon. READ FULL ARTICLE

inner templeUp and Coming – Inner Temple-The Saviors of Grunge? – It’s 4 in the morning in Benton, Pennsylvania, normal people are asleep, preparing to go to the 9 to 5 grind the next day. Meanwhile, 20 year old Dustin Schumacher sits in front of his computer and messages with fans from across the globe. READ FULL ARTICLE

Get Dead “Bygones”Album Cover Feature – Get Dead “Bygones” – If polished, clean punk rock is like taking a pair of sharp scissors and a ruler and carefully using them to cut into a piece of paper, then Get Dead’s brand of gritty, heartfelt punk n’ roll is like taking that same piece of paper and ripping the f*cker with your bare hands. READ FEATURE

Josh Martinez July Magazine 2014Editorial – How I Won and Lost The WCMA Nomination By Josh Martinez – I was very excited to get the email from Breakout West. They said I’d been nominated for a 2014 WCMA award for my solo record “Blotto”, for Best Rap/Hip-hop Album (of all time). I was thrilled to be nominated. The competition was fierce and all titles chosen were worthy of the award this year………. READ FULL ARTICLE

Casualties of Cool feat. Devin Townsend & Che Aimee DorvalAlbum Cover Feature – Casualties of Cool feat. Devin Townsend & Che Aimee Dorval – Casualties of Cool is a release that musically will perplex many who are only familiar with Devin Townsend’s better known heavy metal counterpart Strapping Young Lad. Featuring the band Ki’s singer Che Aimee Dorval, Casualties of Cool is a swirling mix of indie pop, old school country and shoe gaze with jazzy accents. READ MORE 

The Music Industry Self Help Guide (Book Written By Michael Repel)Book Review – The Music Industry Self Help Guide (Book Written By Michael Repel) – Rarely do I read books these days, more or less I have only time for articles at most  though at first glance at “The Music Industry Self Help Guide”  I wanted to review the book myself. I love my writers but as an agent I wanted to see what this book was all about …. READ FULL REVIEW 

edguy-space-police-defenders-of-the-crown-84322Album Cover Feature – Edguy “Space Police: Defenders of the Crown” (Rock ‘n Roll) – Busting out of the confining walls of their high school halls in 1992 when the members were all just the tender age of fourteen, Edguy is a power metal band from Germany. Edguy may not be a household name in North America, but in Europe and Asia, they have sold millions (yes, millions) of records over the past seventeen years and…. READ MORE 

Seaweed MeadowsOn The Spot Review – Seaweed Meadows “Andra Långgatan” – Seaweed Meadows are another gem from the heart of Sweden, but unfortunately provided me with only 4 minutes and 37 seconds of their powerful elevating sound. The harmonies in their new single Andra Långgatan complement each other with striking vocals that emanate heartbreak and longing, reminding listeners… LISTEN NOW

WayflowerOn The Spot Review – Wayflower “Stay A Little Longer” –  Apparently the 90′s hasn’t left Sweden quite yet and I couldn’t be happier. Wayflower’s recently released single Stay A Little Longer is almost reminiscent of a lullaby, but the Scandinavian group finds their own sound with melodic guitar riffs and…. READ MORE

The Menzingers rented worldOn The Spot Video Must Watch – The Menzingers – “I Don’t Wanna Be An A**hole Anymore” – With Rented World firmly on most punk rock fans playlists and even none punk rock fans like myself are playing this song comes their video for “I Don’t Wanna Be An A**hole Anymore”: The video is one of those that you have to love since is has “Jason the serial killer in a hockey mask. READ MORE 

The Clash - The Rise and Fall of The Clash (DVD)On The Spot Documentary Review – “The Clash – The Rise and Fall of The Clash (DVD) – There are no shortage of Clash documentaries out there. Some focus solely on the music and the legacy. Others, like this one, are more concerned with the drama that forced the band to implode in 1986, after losing two of its key members.  READ REVIEW

Otherwise "Some Kind of Alchemy"“High Rotation – Editors Picks “Rock Past and Present From Las Vegas” –One would think spring would show its head yet I sit here in a warmer climate but I am seeing snow, cold winds and no spring flowers peaking their head out. As much as I want to start blasting music with the windows down I am in my comfort zone of looking out the window with a hot cup of tea and fearful of opening a window. The good part is with the windows closed I can blast my music, with no complaints. And of late focus on driving music I need for bad weather thus searching the playlists of the past and present for the perfect songs. READ FULL ARTICLE WITH VIDEO

Comeback_Kid,_Die_Knowing_album_coverAlbum Cover Pick – Comeback Kid “Die Knowing” (Hardcore/Punk) – I don’t know why, but the soulless mascot on the cover of ‘Die Knowing’ initially reminds me of Mr. Freeze from Batman: The Animated Series. I know they only have a passing resemblance, but there’s a familiarity there that I can’t shake. Maybe they’re cousins or something. READ FULL ARTICLE

Holloe“Stepping Back on Stage – A Band Leaders Perspective” Complete with photo Gallery. – Here I am back to my daily routine and schedule. Home sweet home, they say and yet, something is amiss, something is clearly stuck on my mind similarly to that feeling you have when you forget if you’ve locked the door. Half of my mind is away, trying to relax and enjoy, trying to soak up all these awesome memories gathered throughout the tour and the other half…well the other half is hardcore stressing over finding a way to keep the machine going, keep up with the momentum. READ FULL ARTICLE

young planetHigh Rotation – Editors Picks “Rollin’ and Chillin’ With The Music” – This past month has been a whirlwind of chaos – 95% all good but one needs to breath and what better way is than to hit play and play some amazing music. Also this month I have been what some call genre jumping but one thing that is consistent is that the artists are amazing.  READ FULL REVIEW ONLINE or in MARCHS VANDALA MAGAZINE

Royal BlissVideo Review – Royal Bliss – Fans Be Their Label, Karma, and “Cry Sister” – With all the submissions I get, I still miss some great music as much as I try to see everything.  I have a great staff who does an amazing job but sometimes I still get late to the show sort of speak. The last night I got a great email with a list of albums and bands, sort of the update from this label. With the new tablet at hand I went through the list and bam there it was. A band that just stood out. Royal bliss. SEE VIDEO AND FULL REVIEW

Dead Sara Album Cover_0High Rotation – Editors Pick s “Deep Music to Metal – It’s on The Playlist” – One of the questions I am asked all the time when I am out is “What do you listen to?” Guess what? It’s a mixture like most of you out there. I don’ stick to one genre and to be honest mywork computer has a personal playlist of 5,000 songs – and about 1000 high rotation and those stay on! Editors are not different we fall in love with a song just like everyone else. On this list age of the song could be new to as some would say “old”. This does not lesson any submission but I am human and each person has their personal tastes. READ FULL ARTICLE 

clutchearthrockercoverAlbum Cover Feature – Clutch “Earth Rocker” (Rock)  – The band “Clutch” recently announced a postponed tour due to illness and with that press releases I was reminded of their album “Earth Rocker”. When it first came out back in March this year I first noticed the beautiful album artwork. I am an art lover along with a music lover and appreciate when a band does a great album cover. I think this album caught my attention since it reminds me of a  READ REVIEW

6a014e87574ac9970d01538fdd7775970bIn the Clouds – Time to Listen to the Rdio, and Save Our Pennies! – Having to sync all your music between devices is annoying. Luckily a number of cloud music services allow you to stream your music to nearly everything — laptops, tablets, smartphones — with minimal effort or tech know-how. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, depending on your needs; here’s how to figure out which one’s best for you. You may have put a lot of effort into cultivating your home computer’s music… Read Full Article In October 2013 Vandala Magazine

Chance the RapperAlbum Cover Feature – Chance the Rapper “Acid Rap” (Rap/Hip Hop) – Chance the Rapper’s breakthrough album, Acid Rap is one psychedelic work of art. Mixing singing and rapping, his flow and wordplay is reminiscent of Andre 3000 of Outkast’s natural way… Read full article

In The Clouds – Calling Drinking from Puddles: A Radio History In The Clouds – Canadian Indie Rock at Its Best – Dinosaur Bones In The Clouds – Keep It Heavy!  Metal Blade Releases, Soundacloud, and Festivals Album Cover Feature – Tame Impala “Innerspeaker” (Psychedelic Rock)  Album Cover Feature – Catching Flies  “The Stars EP”

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