Album Review – Suicidal Tendencies “13” (Hardcore)

Suicidal Tendencies “13” (Hardcore)Judging from their name, Suicidal Tendencies were never afraid of a little controversy. Their track “I Shot the Devil” from their self titled EP in 1983, was originally entitled “I Shot Reagan”, it was rumored to have been approached by the FBI to change the name of the song. When it comes to crossover thrash, it doesn’t get much more influential than Suicidal Tendencies, they broke ground in the early eighties with their trash crossover sound which built a huge fan following now rejoiced that ST has released a new album ’13′, which is their first studio effort since 2000′s “Free Your Soul…and Save My Mind.”  The band’s current lineup includes founding vocalist Mike Muir and longtime guitarist Dean Pleasants along with more recent additions Nico Santora (guitar), Tim “Rawbiz” Williams (bass) and Eric Moore (drums). Muir is a force to be reckoned with, he is a ferocious frontman hasn’t lost any of his drive or passion. To state the obvious, Suicidal Tendencies won’t fall under the category of subtle, and it is more than apparent with their album “13”, the 13th ST release, with 13 new songs, 13 years since the last new cd, in 2013. From track one, ‘Shake It Out’,  breaks down mother f*ing wall declaring to the world they have returned. They literally chant Suicidal’s back throughout the song, and deliver their promise to bring the demons on out. Like a blasting machine gun, the band cranks up their tempo with soul ripping guitars on ‘Smash It!’ and ‘This Ain’t a Celebration.’ Many of the songs on ‘13‘ are in that vein, and they are by far the strongest. 4.5/5 Dragons

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Review by Lana Nimmons




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