Album Review – Dillinger Escape Plan “One of Us is The Killer” (Mathcore)

The-Dillinger-Escape-Plan-One-of-Us-is-a-KillerDespite being one of the most intentionally, conventionally unlistenable bands in music, since their critically acclaimed album, “Calculating Infinity”, their consistent efforts of putting out albums and touring seemingly without taking much breaks, DEP has been the ultimate underdog story. Their catalogue is so diverse that they’ve alienated pretty much every single listener at some point, creating pop oriented rock songs, but also putting out their complex, spastic songs. The truth is obvious, they are genuine fans of all great music, and that statement is reinforced in “One of Us is The Killer”. First single, “Prancer” is a definite fan pleaser. Though reminiscent of classics such as “43% Burnt”, and “Fix Your Face” it’s finessed with a touch of melodies and catchy rhythms, which is not only a natural progression, but also proof of maturing and improving. Second track, “When I Lost My Bet” is a schizophrenic masterpiece that puts you in the headspace of a deranged individual in an insane asylum. The skipping drum beat creating space between the furious guitar stabs captures the feeling of high pressure anxiety perfectly. Backed by explosion sounds accentuating certain beats in a given measure, the impact, and damage is portrayed so viscerally, it feels like you are in imminent danger. The title track showcases in traditional Dillinger manner, their more accessible sensibilities. It starts off with haunting melodies that are accompanied by breathy, soothing vocals. However, the chorus opens up with a crushing riff and a definitively catchy melody. Not to mention the ever-so-huge, unrelenting outro! 4.6/5 Dragons

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