Album Review – Candy Says “Not Kings” (Pop)

Candy Says “Not Kings” Review By Lana Nimmons – 3.7/5 Dragons
From Junes Vandala Magazine – READ MORE REVIEWS HERE

Candy Says’, from Oxford 12 track EP ‘Not Kings‘ is a hauntingly lush filled with layered instrumentals with handclaps, breezy acoustic guitars and heavy electronic percussion propping up the infectious synth hooks. With all the elements put together you get this dreamy pop nirvana which is very reminiscent of ‘60’s Nancy Sinatra. One of my top tracks would be Flavour But, I’m not sure if its a mixture of it’s rhythm to sway to or a melody to hum. Then we have the delectable ‘C’est Pas Comme Ca‘ which whisks you away into Roman holiday, and ‘Understand the Night‘- both simply downright sultry and she shines again and again on the album, amongst the contemporary sounding bombast there are moments of pure soul. Ben Walker’s production and composition is always right on the money to bring the most out of every moment of this LP as it darts violently between the middle of the road and skidding a little further to Left. Branded by the band as “lo fi pop chic” this is pop music for people who don’t listen to the radio, who have vintage records of Nancy, Kate Bush, Burt Bacharach and The Beach Boys made pop music too. Even though this is considered to be a pop album, it is definitely not your typical pop album. It’s a delightful, enchanting, and genuinely just a lovely listen.


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