Album Review – Brutus “Behind the Mountains” (Heavy 70′ Blues Rock/Psychedelic Rock)

BrutusWhat could be more refreshing than a stack of cabs washing your face with overdriven tube tones gently shaving your follicles? Absolutely nothing. Full length release, “Behind the Mountains” by Scandinavian hard rock avengers, Brutus certainly hits the mark. Attempting to perfect or show respect for a familiar genre well developed and popularized back in the day by legendary bands like Black Sabbath, and Blue Cheer can be a daunting task. However, their witching riffs scream well past the hills into the ears of every child, and teenager who had not been exposed to this golden era of heavy rock music, but also to their parents that have lost faith in the current state of over produced, regurgitated heavy music. Brutus simply points out that the music they fell in love with early on is still revered enough to explore further and have a blast doing it. The album is a straight ahead punch, driving the point home by chugging palmed muted open notes while hitting the higher octave on the upbeat, galloping forward with a beer dripping in one hand and a sword in the other, fighting for partying! That’s what it’s about, having a great time headbanging, reminiscing, and drinking with your buddies at the bar. The kick-loose vibe is conjured by how the band was recorded and edited, flowing very naturally to the drummer’s thick grooves. Also as heard in “Big Fat Boogie,” the gang vocals in the hook creates the imagery of a bunch of rowdy dudes drinking. 4/5 Dragons

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– Review By Bag


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