Album Review – Scythia “…Of Conquest” (Progressive Metal)

constrained imageReview by Lana Nimmons – 4.7/5 Dragons

Scythia ‘s third full-length album, …Of Conquest, is dark, fast, while blending progressive and power metal, to folk and melodic death metal, and the composition is absolutely breathtaking. For a while now I’ve been trying to form words to describe what kind of album this is.

This album is one anthem after another, where you will not be able to resist singing along. They have become the Dropkick Murphy’s of the metal scene. Their masterfully intertwining heavy guitar riffs, Bruce Dickinson like vocals, rapid fire rhythm section, epic anthems, and lush storytelling, Scythia continues to break new ground in the metal genre. ..Of Conquest is by far Scythia’s best album, they have gone from a 12 year old single malt to a 25 year one.

This is one of a kind albums that whether you are a metal fan or not you instantly fall be drawn to it’s movie score like qualities. From being sinful merchants drinking ale at a tavern to going on massive adventures (yes it made want to see the hobbit again), …Of Conquest gives us a little of everything we could think of.  You will not be able to skip a single song, this is one EPIC tale: and you won’t want to miss one bit. 


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