Artist Spotlight: Tetrarch of Atlanta Georgia + Video Interview

By Chad Thomas Carsten

Tetrarch has proven themselves to be the future of modern metal with their latest release “Freak”; a metal masterpiece that’s guaranteed to bring forth a riot inside any listeners home who dare’s put on “Freak” full blast thanks to the records musically creative catastrophic force! But Tetrarch’s live show is where it’s at metalheads! Every live show they perform breeds new die-hard loyal Tetrarch fans for life, because of how well the band presents themselves. Each member provides a unique flavor that makes the band shine brighter than a forest brimming with a billion fireflies.

Frontman Josh Fore presents mouth-watering aggressively addictive hooks on any stage he performs. The way he growls and is still astonishingly able to hit high cleans is absolutely mind-bending! You’d think Mr. Flores would have to be rushed to the emergency room for immediate throat surgery after every show with how intense the frontman’s live growls can be. It’s astounding!

The bands live crunchy mosh pit induced cords when female lead guitarist Diamond Rowe shreds in front of a live audience are straight up just jaw-dropping awe-inspiring talent from start to finish! Her guitar solos could even impress Kerry King of Slayer! Watching Diamonds fingers move swiftly on a guitar is intensely eye-popping! It looks to be beyond humanly possible with the way her razor-sharp solos pierce through the metal atmosphere in perfect structure, but at the same time so fast, it’s almost like miss Rowe somehow was blessed with superhero strength.

Bassist Ryan Lerner know’s how to get any crowd fired up through his own focused energy of being a master on the bass and drummer Ruben Limas will probably have his own fans trying to mimic the drummer’s impressive speeds of originality displayed in front of hundreds nightly.

If you’re starving for some brand new metallic flavor and you’ve grown up on the likes of Mudvayne, Linkin Park, Darkest Hour, or even Testament, then you better be rushing to your nearest record store Friday, September 29th and pop in Tetrarch’s “Freak” quickly as possible inside your car stereo on full blast until your doors fall off!

Freak is available for pre-order now via iTunesAmazon or Google Play

TETRARCH online:


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