The Psychomania Tour is Upon Us An Interview with Jamie Madrox of Twiztid

For over twenty years Twiztid have brought forth the best lyrically written horror hip-hop to date and their latest LP “The Continous Evilution of Life’s ?’s” further proves Twiztid are lyrical tyrants that run the underground music scene to the fullest! Recently Twiztid just announced their very own pop culture convention “Astronomicon” that will take place next winter in Sterling Heights, Michgan, February, 9th-11th. Guests already announced include, wrestling star Mick Foley and even horror icons, Sid Haig and Kaine Hodder!  Don’t miss Twiztid’s current Pyschomania Tour coming to a city near you!

By Chad Thomas Carsten 

If Jamie Madrox “The Multiple Man” from Marvel Comics approached you with the Cosmic Cube  in his hands, what super power would you wish for?

Jamie Madrox: I’m a firm believer in not wasting a good God damn wish! Let’s see. How bout regeneration power?! Nothing trumps regeneration power. No matter what a motherfucker could do to you, you could just re-generate. They want to cut your head off/arm off. Whoop! You just grow another one back like Jeeper Creepers, motherfucker! That Jeepers Creepers motherfucker scares me! I’m just saying. I’m throwing that out there. I was just watching Jeeper Creeprs 2 again last night and when the motherfucker loses his head, he just grows another one back. I think that is  where I’m gravitatig to on this need for this re-generation power. That’s what I’m calling it. Yes!

Which classic horror movie Monster from the Universal era best represents your personality and why?

Jamie Madrox: I’m never a good person with just one answer, so I would say two answers. One would be Frankenstein because normally I’m like Frankenstein a lot where when I’m dumb and I’m just stomping around like,”UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH” and throwing shit around and I’m very like that. But in other times I’m very cool and  very, very, creepy dark like Dracula. If I”m going to go old school, but then again I like to swim like the fucking Gill Man, so I could be the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Why are you making me just choose one?! *Laughs* I pick all three. How about I’m just a cool charismatic motherfucker that likes to smash shit and swim!

What does the hip-hop culture need right now to be kept alive?

Jamie Madrox: I don’t even know if it’s just the hip-hop culture. I think it’s any culture for that fact. It’s with anything! It’s even with the God  damn comic book stores and the record stores. We need people  to support! That’s what it is. Doesn’t matter if it’s hip-hop, if it’s the heavy metal scene, no matter what it is, if you really like something go out there and support it! I don’t care if it’s a horror movie, go out there and support horror movies! The more that you support whatever it is that you like/that scene, the more that scene will flourish and obviously make more. So if you like horror movies and you never go to the movie theater  to see em when they come out, don’t cry like a baby bitch when they don’t make them no more, because clearly the demographic isn’t there. “Nobody cares about them, so we’re done making them”. But you see if you go out and represent, the more people are going to do it. Hopefully the shows will get bigger in regards to the hip-hop scene. But whatever it is, the more you invest into it, it should give back. That’s my thoughts. (In reference towards Record Store Day) By the way, don’t forget, go out there and pick up the new 7 INCH picture disc from us and Blaze Ya Dead Homie!

That’s how we roll, man! We want to get people to give back to the Mom and Pop record stores and let’s not forget that. I think that so much of 2017 and beyond is about this futuristic shit, like you can have an android deliver your shit to your front door, but let’s not forget about being human being and going out and that touch. Go pick up that new CD and flip through those linear notes. You can’t do that with a digital download! Keep it real! There’s something about that smell of popcorn in the lobby and when you can hear someone talking during the movie and you’re like, “Shut up!” that makes it official that you are investing in this project that is going to come out. And if it’s a shitty movie, then you earned the right to talk shit about it because you sat through it for two hours. That’s how I believe.

How does Twiztid want to accomplish leaving their own mark inside the hip-hop history books?

Jamie Madrox: I think we kinda have or imply to where we want to stand as always being innovative. We’re not the kind of people that rest on our morals. We’re the kinda people that like to  invest in ourselves. We always try to up our skill sets. So no matter where we were at mentally before, we wanna be better than that. Sometime we set goals for ourselves that are just inhumanly possible. But that’s the guys that we are.  So maybe we will be; I don’t know if it will necessarily say remembered as, but maybe our nitch in the history book will be, “These were two crazy kids that came from the ghetto and made good and they were all about theatrics” A million people can’t be wrong. Obviously we’re talented, but its not about blowing your own horn though. I don’t know. That’s a hard question because I’m not that guy to sit there and jock myself like, ” Oh cause we’re the freshest!” I fucking hate when people do that! So yea, I don’t know? That’s what I would think. We’ve released a lot of records, man! It’s been twenty something years we’ve been doing this shit. We’ve been blessed to do this shit for twenty plus years. Our legacy in music; maybe that’s how we’ll be in that hip-hop book, motherfucker! Twenty years we’re still killin it! How bout that?!

The  Psychomania Tour is almost here! How did Twiztid go about choosing who they wanted as opening support? It’s super dope you have Body Bag Syndikate on the tour!

Jamie Madrox: A lot of times when we come to bring a show around the nation, we like to bring different artists, so it’s a different package. A lot of the people that come to attend the shows really appreciate that because a lot of times; this being their underground outlet, this is where they find us! It’s like the mecca for them to find out about a lot of these new bands and seeing a band perform on stage sometimes is a selling point for people. They’re like, “I’ve only heard of so and so, but after seeing them rock it like that man, I’m going to pick up that record!” So I think it’s a win-win situation. We get a great package and those other people get a great opportunity to further their career. That kind of shit is great! As far as our own artists, we’re bringing them a long for the Psychomania Tour as well because we got so much talent at Majik Ninja Entertainment that it’s a possibility that this may be one of the fucking dopest runs and it’s still not everybody! This is just a good collaboration of people. It’s going to be a hot show, man! It really is!

Which city are you looking forward to the most on tour?

Jamie Madrox: I can’t do that! You know I can’t do that. Those cities are like my children. Don’t make me pick one, Chad. God Damn it. *Laughs* I’m going to say all of  them. I’m gonna be greedy, you know I can’t pick one. It’s all of them motherfuckers! Real talk, seriously, its like anyone who would take the time to come see me and my brother and stand in line or stand out there in the crowd and represent and scream and be that charismatic energy because we precipitate. You give us the energy, we give it back to you! So anyone who would take that and do that for us, how can I not say you are my favorite city?! Anyone, everywhere! So they’re all my favorite people/all my favorite cities. I have to say that!

Your relationship with Davey Suicide is obviously pretty tight. How did you guys come across each-other and what inspired your verse on the track “Too Many Freaks”?

Jamie Madrox: First things first. Davey and I had been talking with our manager and had played some shows and somehow (I don’t know the linguistics behind all of it), but he was scheduled to be on a show that we were on and I started chatting with him on twitter. I’m like, “Hey what’s up brother! We’re gonna rock a show together. This is awesome! A couple painted freaks get to get down!” just being cool.  Low and behold Davey hit me back on Twitter and we started talking a little bit and just came to find out they’re really cool people! They’re a lot like us. Really chilled and laid back. They’re about their music! It’s a different type of music but they’re just as passionate about their music as we are about ours. That same type of commodity made us click. As far as what inspired the verse; obliviously yea we’re all a bunch a freaks walking around, so you know that there’s so many freaks and not enough circuses, that we need to start filling more circuses and just accept running around freaks in the streets. It’s a great song!

What’s the true meaning behind the album title for your latest LP “The Continuous Evilution of Life’s ?’s? Is it about your own personal lives or what’s going on with the world today?

Jamie Madrox: It’s a little bit of both and none at the same time. Essentially what it is, is me and my brother sat down and we thought about it. The undertone scene of the record is that you’re not a piece of shit/a fat ass/a skinny, whatever/a racist exploitive, whatever/you’re not this name/you’re not that name. We don’t know what we are! We’ve been called so many things. We’ve been called Juggalos, we’ve been called maggots, hip-hoppers, punk rockers, you name it! We’re not all those things. What we are is we’re question marks because we’re not sure what we are. We know we’re better than that slanderous shit the world has been calling us. So we are the questions marks! That record is the continuous evolution of us as we evolve and take another form in 2017! Which was us basically telling you a little bit more of us. There’s a lot of us in that record. A lot of our life situations/emotions, so it’s legitimate like an evolution of us as artists as we’ve grown, not even just as artists, as people on a never ending quest of who we are and what we’re apart of. So many questions in life, man. Is there a God, is it a girl or is it a guy?! Do you believe in it/do you believe in the devil? Are we all gonna go to hell when we die or are we gonna go to Heaven? Does that shit even exist? We can go for days to all the parts of the question marks and life’s questions that we deal with and if I’m not mistaken most of those topic are greatly talked about on that record.

How does this record showcase your musical growth as an artist through out the years?

Jamie Madrox: Because of the diversity on it, first and foremost. That’s my first answer to that because there are songs on there that may go against a certain template that we’ve set up for ourselves. Like for example *starts singing “I Got These Feelings”* that’s not a wicked song. That’s just Jamie and Paul wanted to do this fucking song because Paul did the beat and Jamie loved dancing to that motherfucker and it make us feel good! So we did that song. It was kinda like musically we found confidence. Not that we haven’t already had that, but I think we just kinda segewayed into our musical confidence enough to where we feel confident enough to know that what we do is good and if we enjoy it (and I’m being presumptuous when i say this) I like to assume that those who enjoy what we do, will enjoy it as well. So I think that’s where I am.

At least for me. I’m not speaking for Monoxide as well. We both grown talented/we both have always tried to be bold and become better at what we do, but I honestly think that for me it’s just a level of confidence to know now that as you’re coming up in the game where you’re trying to establish a fan base or a following or whatever you want to call it these days, your always questioning you know, “Was that right? That probably wasn’t a good look?! Or maybe this will be better?” But to always have that confidence about you to be like, “This is amazing! This makes me smile! This is gonna be great!” and not question, it just is what it is. I think that’s what I want to say where I’ve come to it. So yea that’s my evolution!

What was the most challenging moment vocally when recording Life’s ?’s? What song was the most harsh on your vocal cords?

Jamie Madrox: This is going to sound completely corny/fucking weird and cheesy, but it’s real and I don’t give fuck. The song  that to me was the most scary vocally, which was a song that didn’t make the record. It was an outtake and it’s a cover of “Come As You Are” by Nirvana. It didn’t make the record and we are planning on releasing it later on as like maybe a B-Side on another single, if we we do another picture disc vinyl or something like that. But never the less, doing it because I’m such a big fan of Nirvana. I love Kurt and trying to do it justice, man! Trying to it justice and It was trippy. That was probably the one and aside from that I’m sure there were other points where we left the studio and needed a bag of halls and couple shots of whiskey, but that one was the most stressful for me because I was like, “Oh god! I need to the lyrics! I know the words, but what if I learned them wrong?!” you know, just dumb shit like that. You don’t want Kurt Cobain rolling around in his grave like, “What kind of shit bag tortured my song?! You dick!” *Laughs* It was a great time and it was totally fun.

Any behind the scene details you’d like to share when filming the video for “Kill Somebody”?

Jamie Madrox:  What we did is we released these like behind the scenes of us both getting painted up. There is a separate one of mine and a separate one of Paul’s. It was nine hours for each of us to get painted. So eighteen hours for that! Kay Pike is so fucking talented and everything she did was meant to be! It’s Absolutely amazing! I wouldn’t change it for the world!

How soon until the next Twiztid video drops?

Jamie Madrox: I think it’s *starts singing the hook for “Are You Insane Like Me?”* or “I Got These Feelings”.  They’re both on the fence. We have a lot of video projects that are going on right now but there is another video in the works! It’s top secret.

It’s fresh that you are networking with Mizter 8 Legz for your own musical art! Thanks for looking out.

Jamie Madrox: That motherfucker is so talented, bro. That guy is so dope! I’ve been following him for awhile just as a spectator on instagram and all that other shit, man. He does those middle fingers with the ultimate warrior faces. Dude’s got some crazy awesome imagination and as always I can’t say how awesome it is to have him be part of the team and help us on some of our projects. So fuck yea, man! Dude is a really good dude! When we say it’s a family business brother, we mean that!

Why should Juggalos not choose between ICP and Twiztid and just  simply listen to the music and  enjoy both for what it is?

Jamie Madrox: Because that’s what this is all about and that’s what its always been about, is about enjoying the music. Put it this way. There’s Baskin Robbins with thirty one different flavors and you go in there and there’s all these things to try. Why would you not try them all? I’m not saying you can’t have your favorites. I know I go in there and I have me some pistachio ice cream and I love me some peanut butter. That don’t mean that I hate everything else. It seems almost, I’m trying to think of another word aside from just hating, I don’t know another word other than hating, but we’re firm believers that what we do, we do well, I’m not worried. We will continue to school what we do hands down! So I know for a fact as far as people who enjoy or follow our work, you guys will be happy. As far as everyone else that is not with us/our company, they’re not going to stop doing their music either, so that just means more music for you the listener. There is no reason to pick a side in anything. I think that’s idiot asinine shit to me, but that’s my personal opinion because I guess it’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

What do you want to accomplish with Majik Ninja Entertainment in the next 10 years?

Jamie Madrox: We want to be the number one underground independent record label in the world. I believe that we have the roster to do that. The guys that we have are extremely talented. Any one of them! They all bring something special and amazing to the table that makes them their own masterpiece! Every time that we show them to people, just the look on their faces and the excitement of the response from them let’s me believe that we’re doing the right thing and it is a very foreseeable want!

TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE For Twiztid’s upcoming shows details

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