Cover Interview – Grieves “A Man On The Move”

Cover Interview - Grieves “A Man On The Move”"For Junes cover Vandala was able to catch up with Grieves on his massive tour. We chatted about his inspirations,touring,writing and more”

 Interview By Gideon Greenbaum-Shinder
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How are you doing? 

Grieves: I’m all right.  Sitting down for some breakfast. The latest breakfast ever.

So big night last night, yesterday was the first day of your tour? 

Grieves: Yeah.  And I’m just … We just got up because it’s a day off.

Oh, very cool.  That’s got to be nice.

Grieves: Yeah.  We needed it. Yesterday was the first day.  It was a sh*t show.

Oh yeah?

Grieves: Yeah.  And everything went wrong. The van broke down.  Had to get a new van.  Had to rent a U-Haul to tow the trailer to Portland and pushed doors back an hour.

Holy geez.  I did read something about that on Facebook.  But you guys made it, eh?

Grieves: Yeah.  We made it happen.

The show must go on.  So how has the tour been so far other than that.

Grieves: It’s great.  Well, that was the first day so … Everything is up from here, you know.

Yes.  I tour with a band so it’s like I have keys and guitar.  So it’s kind of like a band.

Grieves: You know that’s a thing, is a community saying we’re all working together to present this powerful sound, and message.

Absolutely.  So are you touring with any other musicians right now?

Grieves: Yeah.  But you know, I keep the drummer and the bass in the track because you know, that’s my favourite part about hip hop.  And like, you know, the sonics of that,  I don’t want to sacrifice that so I leave that in.

Oh, absolutely.  Yeah.  And then you have a little bit of wiggle room but you’re still kind of staying true to the beats and the hip hop thing. 

Grieves: Yup

So have you ever done this sort of a huge major tour before?

Grieves: Yeah, we’ve done tours.  I mean this one’s going to be bigger just because things got bigger for us and, you know, we’ve done the headliners before.  We never headlined overseas before so that was cool.  But you know, it turns out that this one’s turning out to be a little bit bigger.  So this one will be our biggest one to date.  So it’s exciting

Absolutely.  And then you’re obviously going to be playing a whole bunch of new material on the tour. 

Grieves: A little of everything, you know.  Play the new stuff, the old stuff, the really old stuff, kind of the new stuff.  We’re going to do it all.

So what’s it like being away from home first of all for that long, is it weird?

Grieves: You know, it’s … it can be weird but it’s important that you kind of stay focused on that, you know, because relationships and stuff like that and, you know, people in your life, like you just got to check in with them.  And sometimes it might feel like a little monotonous because like oh what’d you do today and literally, I did the same thing I did yesterday.  I rode in a van for eight hours, then I played a show.  But it’s important to keep the communication and I’ve been doing this for about ten years now so it’s not as hard as it was and, the people in my life have gone through many a long tours and know what it’s like now.  It does get easier for sure.  But it doesn’t get easier if you ignore it and just expect everybody else to cater to you.  You got to check in with people.

Is there any one particular moment you think that really stands out in your career that you remember?  

Grieves: Yeah, man. Rhymesayers. It was a big thing because, my manager and I, we were grinding it out. We were doing everything that we could business wise and we had gotten pretty far, and we sat down and we wrote down all of our goals and stuff that we wanted to accomplish and funding the Rhymesayers is in our five year plan and we got that done in two years, man. So it was quite the accomplishment. And I grew up listening to all that stuff and I really look up to a lot of those people. So now that my idols have become my peers it’s a great thing and it was a great achievement for me. And you’ve gotten to do some amazing collaborations with people that I’m sure that you respect and listened to when you were growing up. What are you taking out of those experiences getting to work with those people, getting to tour with them? Grieves: You know things don’t have to always just be dreams. Reality is a very tangible thing. It’s just, what it takes to get there and still maintaining a positive attitude throughout the whole thing I think is really important because when you finally get to the point where you get to meet those people that you looked up to and you’re a c*cksucker about it all, chances are they’re not going to really like you, and you guys aren’t going to be on the same level. When it just comes down to it, it’s just overall attitude towards things. For me it’s been so cool to meet all these people and find out that we’re, pretty like minded and to be able to work in the same vein and at the same speed it feels just so good.

READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE on page 56 of Junes Vandala Magazine Here or Click Below

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