Underground Artist Spotlight: Koshir

For the last decade Koshir has been grinding his ass off and strives to release the best hip-hop he has to offer, simply to support his children! This winter Koshir toured with underground favorite Irv Da Phenom and released his highly anticipated E.P. Chew Your Food! Hip-Hop fans need to scoop that record up. Pure fire! Here’s a quickie interview with Koshir. 

By Chad Thomas Carsten
From March 2017 Vandala Magazine 

What’s your current life like as of this moment?

Koshir: My life is fu*king crazy right now… Between trying to revamp my career after sabotaging it the last couple years, being Daddy, and making money for my family… I’m constantly on the go. Not a lot of sleep, early mornings, writing, recording, and performing music, booking shows, and finding new hustles every day to finance this shit. *Laughs* it’s a constant grind, bro. Shake my head.

How did your childhood influence who you are as an artist today?

Koshir: Shit… I grew up in the juvenile system and it was there that I grew my talents. I began writing and drawing at an early age but didn’t get serious about writing /recording music until 2008. However, even in jail, I use to write songs and then beat on the table while rapping them to the other inmates. I’ve always had a hand in on my own designs for shirts, hoodies, beanies, tats, etc. The first time I went to juvie was at the age of eleven and there I had to learn how to act around older people and shit. Ended up in a lot of fights early on and by the time I was a grow man I had learned a lot about the street but also a lot of people internal. I’d been taking college classes while locked up for psychology and reading every book I could get my hands on.

Can you remember the first time you held the mic in your hand and were you nervous?

Koshir: First time I performed I think I was twenty-one and we were in a garage at some party in Montana. I was hella nervous but pretty f*cked up so it made performing a lot easier.

How do you keep your live show fresh and original?

Koshir: I always go out and give it 100%. I actually live the shit I’m talking about in my music and when I perform that I feel like people can see/feel it in every word that I am screaming. I study my music so that I don’t have to rap over my own lyrics on stage. *Laughs* That shit hella tacky to me.

Which independent artists do you look up to and which one’s reached out to work with you, stayed true to their words?

Koshir: I look up to Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Tech N9ne, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Crooked I, Korn, all kinds of people… Crooked I was cool as f*ck and we knocked shit out as soon as he got to town. Down to earth and all that. Tech and I have been crossing paths for the longest time and I look up to him as an artist but he’s also a friend of mine and another down to earth guy. Always smiling. He’s mentioned that we will be working together soon but that hasn’t happened yet due to scheduling conflicts and shit.

Why should Hip-Hop fans pay attention to your Chew Your Food E.P.? What’s the most personal song from the record?

Koshir: It’s got mad flavor and the shit will make you want to turn into a Super Saiyan from its dopeness! *Laughs* But for real, hip-hop fans are going to be drooling over my track “On Smash” because Crooked I, Charlie Ray, and Mistah Fab straight up murdered it fool! Most personal is probably “What If” and will probably remain my most personal. I’m super proud of the album art. It’s sure to attract new fans to bump the record. I gotta thank Redikulus Concepts for the dope graphics!

After all these years recording independent, what motivates you to keep striving for success?

Koshir: I keep doing what I do because this is all that I know. I owe it to my kids to have a good life and I will continue to work my ass off until we make it.

Any final shout outs?

Koshir: Shout out to my family, Mars, Kung Fu Vampire, Tech N9ne, Kutt Calhoun, Sean of the Twiztid Street Team, Faygoluvers, Charlie Ray, KXNG Crooked, Mistah Fab, Chris Paxton, Nexus Audio, Buzz Records, James Barrett,RawBeatzz, Alec Sartianano, Speezy, Jmac Tracks, Eric “Finch” Anderson, and everyone who made Chew Your Food a success!



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