Is Blacklite District the Future of Rock ‘n’ Roll? An interview with Kyle Pfeiffer of Blacklite District

Blacklite District are quickly becoming the biggest modern rock band in the last ten years thanks to their massive hit single “Cold As Ice”, which has generated over 20 million plays worldwide and receives constant rotation on major radio across the United States on the daily! Frontman Kyle Pfeiffer’s extraordinary vocals are one of the main factors behind the success of the single. His voice is guaranteed to stay inside your mind for months on end, even after simply listening to “Cold As Ice” just once! The members of Blacklite District flawlessly combine modern rock riffage, mouth-watering addicting electronica, and beautifully constructed atmospheric DJ elements that are capable of lowering blood pressure, proving this is type of band that the rock ‘n’ roll world needed to survive! Here is a Vandala Magazine exclusive with the one and only Kyle Pfeiffer!

By Chad Thomas Carsten

How did growing up in South Dakota influence who you are as a musician today?

Kyle Pfeiffer: I think it made us hungrier than a lot of other bands out there because we had to lead the charge in South Dakota. There aren’t many “national” bands from this area so we had to create our own path to success.

Can you describe the most brutal winter night you faced within South Dakota and how your family and friends overcame that evening?

Kyle Pfeiffer: There have been many cold nights. I think in someway, the weather can be an inspiration for music and what kind of mood/vibe you’re in. Last weekend it was 10 below zero!

Are you able to describe the feelings that poured out when your fingers first touched an instrument?

Kyle Pfeiffer: Guitar came first. It’s amazing to be able to pour out your soul using an instrument, almost as if it’d done the talking for you. It’s a powerful feeling and I still get it to this day.

For the unfamiliar; where did the concept behind your band’s name Blacklite District come from and how does it reflect your own personal life?

Kyle Pfeiffer: There’s really no specific reason for the name itself. It’s more of a sound we wanted to create over time, and I think it’s really worked. Because at the end of the day, it’s going to come down to the SONGS, and if people relate to the music or not.

How has music saved your own personal life and the other members of your bands lives?

Kyle Pfeiffer: Speaking for myself, music has been the best therapy I could have. Whether it’s things in your personal life or professional life, the music can really help you get out what you want to say and how you feel, while still keeping certain things discreet.

What does the Rock ‘n’ Roll genre need right now to be able to survive the music industry crumbling?

Kyle Pfeiffer: More Blacklite District! *Laughs* It needs to evolve and push the buttons of more mainstream stuff. A sound can only go so far and the ‘active rock’ sound has been stale for a long time. I wanna see more collaborations and more new age sounds.

When you first found out that your single “Cold As Ice” hit over 17 million views; what exactly rushed through your mind?

Kyle Pfeiffer: It’s an amazing feeling. Knowing that millions and millions of people have watched this video is still mind-blowing because it rivals the numbers of major artists. The song has reacted.

Why Minecraft of all video games for a lyrical video?

Kyle Pfeiffer:The concept of the Minecraft animated videos was worked out between us and a YouTube partner of ours. 17 million views is reason enough.

What’s the longest you’ve ever spent in a day building a town inside Minecraft?

Never. *Laughs* I’ve never actually played the game.

Is there a true meaning and concept behind the title of “Instant Gratification’?

Kyle Pfeiffer: The name of the album came because it came out under a year after the previous release. The timing felt right, and we felt like this album was gonna be our “Instant Gratification”, and it certainly has been.

If you had to choose a specific food dish to describe the electronic elements within “Instant Gratification”; what would it be and why?

Kyle Pfeiffer: That’s an interesting question! I’d say a fruit tray or a deli tray because there are so many different variables that make the sound whole. We like to experiment with sounds in everything from rock, hip-hop, EDM, pop and pretty much anything that sounds good. We write music that we want to listen to.

Are you able to break down the recording process behind your LP “Instant Gratification”?

Kyle Pfeiffer: Instant Gratification was recorded primarily in the Quad Cities on the IA/IL border. We recorded the album in my studio, where we write and produce all of our own music. In terms of challenges, it was the pretty standard stuff, like getting a chorus write, or changing the key of a song to fit the vocal, and things like that. I take a lot of pride in our finished product and we put a lot of effort in to make the songs sound how I hear them in my head.

What exactly is “Living A Nightmare” describing within its lyrical content?

Kyle Pfeiffer: It’s about how someone will put themselves through so much to achieve something, and when they finally achieve it, finding out it’s only a nightmare in disguise. How the thing you want so bad can be the thing you hate the most.

Any specific reason you decided to cover The Weeknd’s track “Starboy”?

Kyle Pfeiffer: We decided to cover Starboy because it felt right at that time, but also because it’s a song far outside of this genre, and we wanted to put the BLD twist on a global smash hit. It’s very fun to play live.

Which film director would you like to work with in terms of producing an entire film soundtrack?

Kyle Pfeiffer: I don’t know about the film as much, but I would love to work with Kurt Sutter (the creator of TV show Sons of Anarchy), because the music he uses in his TV shows always hit so close to home and make those moments mean so much more when they happen. Music sets the tone for those crazy TV moments.

Any advice you’d like to share with young musicians just starting out on their first tour?

Kyle Pfeiffer: Live and learn. You have to see for yourself what this business is all about. That’s how we did it.

What do you want to accomplish for 2018?

Kyle Pfeiffer: Our single “Cold As Ice” is already Top 40 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, so we want to continue to climb the charts, and continue to have major radio stations play this track. We’re going to be releasing new music, and many new videos this year. Stay tuned for our website for tour dates and festival announcements!


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