Interview – Bloodmoon and The Power of Music at Psycho CA

bloodmoon photo

My first interview of Psycho CA and I was already digging 
into the very nature of a band. What more could you
want out of an interview than to understand the 
musicians and how they perceive their craft?

By Matt Bacon
{I did a ton of interviews at Psycho CA and not all made it in the online magazine but we are going to try and post them one by one! MORE Psycho CA INTERVIEWS HERE}

So what is up?

Peter Tomis: Checked out some badass merch.

Pat Mullholland: I’ve just been wandering around checking shit out.

Jason Goldie: I just got in here, I shuffled through like three hundred lines to get in but I have a beer in my hand so…

What was it like finding out you’d be on this insane festival?

Peter Tomis: Me and Pat were here in this exact spot in the VIP at the Day of the Shred festival and Ryan the booker of the fest comes up and was like “Oh by the way did I tell you guys you’re playing Psycho?” We kind of looked at each other…

Pat Mullholland: I was pretty blown away, but I’m stoked!

Jason Goldie: It’s kind of a trip but then you accept it. It’s like – guess we gotta write some new shit and see what happens!

Are you playing new stuff tomorrow?

Peter Tomis: We are going to be playing new shit tomorrow, we’ve got a new one.

Peter was telling me about the 40 minute song you wrote – what’s the status on that?

Jason Goldie: It’s about 90 percent done.

Peter Tomis: It’s at about 40-50 minutes now.

Pat Mullholland: We get to the 40 minute mark and then we kind of lose where we’re supposed to go.

Peter Tomis: We’ll figure it out!

What’s the timeline going forward?

Peter Tomis: We’re going into Earhammer at the end of August again, we’ll spend four days there and then we’ll talk to everyone we know, see what they want to do with it, see how they want to put it out… We put out the last two records on our and Black Voodoo put out the vinyl on the last one. We definitely need to way our options though. We definitely came to a head on this one. We got really high and wrote some really cool stuff.

So that’s going to come out before the one song thing?

Peter Tomis: No – we’re going to do the one song that’s about 50 minutes and then there’s going to be another song and that one is about 15 minutes. We kind of have a general concept around the album. The title at this point is Supervoid Trinity. It’s kind of like the anti-trinity. Instead of having the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit it’s Satan, Lucifer and Oroboros. That’s going to be the aspects of the three songs. They may not be named that but that’s the concept we’re going for. So the one song is going to be about 15 minutes, the long song and there will be one that’s some sort of transition.

So it will be a double vinyl type deal?

Peter Tomis: Yes. The songs are also going to interweave.

Will that be by sharing similar lyrical themes or what?

Peter Tomis: Pretty much. We have the one big chunk, and the one smaller chunk. It’s all the same song. Voidbound our last record was just one big song…

Was that a process you had from the start?

Peter Tomis: So Peter always brings forth riffs. We just jam them. That will turn into an extended twenty minutes that we didn’t have planned and we’ll just keep jamming. We’ll just work on that every practice and whatever sticks we keep.

How much are you jamming a week at this point?
Peter Tomis: Twice a week on good weeks. Always at least once a week. We only take a break after a tour. We’re ultimately jamming every night on a tour. When we’re at home it’s always at least once a week. Since we started five years ago we’ve been in a jam room together at least once a week.

What’s the plan for tomorrow night setlist wise?

Peter Tomis: Backworld and the new song.

Pat Mullholland: We also have a cool interlude jam thing.

Peter Tomis: This interlude – you’re only going to hear it if we play Backworld to that new song, otherwise you won’t hear that on an album.

Would you want to put that on a special edition?

Peter Tomis: Not really, it’s kind of special.

Pat Mullholland: We change it every time we play it too, after all we’ve only done it a few times.

Peter Tomis: We do that for every set that we have really just depending on the songs. Taking the key from Neurosis of not having a break, don’t have a break, don’t f*cking talk, don’t cut the experience in half. That makes it fun. There’s an improv part for everyone live.

Is that blues derived?

Peter Tomis: People have said it’s really Pink Floyd-ish when we do that. Think Echoes Pink Floyd.

Pat Mullholland: We’ve gotten a lot of comparisons to different shit.

So it’s almost Enslaved-y
Pat Mullholland: I could see someone comparing us to that. It’s hard to say though, like, we can’t say “Oh we’re like Pink Floyd or Enslaved or these other legendary bands!”

Peter Tomis: We just go by what people say.

Pat Mullholland: People tell us we sound like something different every day.

Would you say Bloodmoon is just as much a vibe as it is a band?

Pat Mullholland: I feel like that’s something somebody else would say as opposed to us.

Peter Tomis: We all try and be super open and accepting. We’re not in a super niche f*cking corner of music where we’re like “If you’re into this f*ck you” or something like. We just try to embody acceptance of the creativity of it all in our music and not being exclusive or inclusive or anything like that. Whoever digs it, f*ck yeah!

What do you love so much about music?

Peter Tomis: The fact that you get to be yourself completely. It’s a different person… When you start playing it’s like everything that ties you to who you are consciously goes away.

Pat Mullholland: You don’t have to be anything.

Peter Tomis: It could be a half hour, it could be 45 minutes but it’s just like boom there it is. Like when we got told we would play this fest… I blinked my eyes and here I am right now.

Pat Mullholland: It’s an out of body experience. You just start playing and then suddenly it’s like “Oh – the sun’s out…”

Any final words of wisdom?

Peter Tomis: Don’t give a f*ck about anything ever!


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